Thrive Forward With Fitness: Total Body Workout


Free Workouts

At Home or At The Gym

Do you want to work out but don’t have a clue where to start? So many people want to be healthy but don’t know how. Here is a free hint.  I’ve made up a home workout session and gym session, to fit all levels and needs. If this is too boring, contact me and I’ll make up a personalized workout for you. What do you love to do? Try this beginners workout and let me know how it goes! It will challenge your balance, make your mind work, and keep you laughing as you crank out that sweat. Have fun!

Home (30 minutes)

Equipment: Jump Rope (optional)

Warm Up

1 Min Straight Kick + Reach w/Opposite Hand
3 Min Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks
1 Min Mountain Climbers

3 min Squats
3 min One-Leg Triceps-Dips
30 Sec One-Leg Jump Rope or Cross Jacks
Stacked-Feet Pushups

30 Sec Rest

12 Front Lunges, holding a weight on one side.
Do 6 on right leg, 6 on left leg.
1 Min Jump Rope or Cross Jacks
2 Min Cross Body Punches
Repeat 2x. 

x.X.x Bonus Round x.X.x

45 secs Disc Mountain Climbers, Wide
45 secs Disc In n Out’s
1 Minute 1-Leg Jump Rope
10 One-Leg Pushups
2 Minute Squat Jumps
30 Sec High Plank 2 Low Plank
Wall Sit until failure

Gym (30-45 minutes)

Equipment: Treadmill or Elliptical, Free Weights, Bench

Warm Up
2 Minutes: Jog: 4.0 speed, 3.0^ <–That symbol means incline!
5 Minutes: Jog Faster: 5.5 Speed, 5.0 ^
2 Minutes: Sprint as fast as possible, 5.5^
1 Minute: Walk, 8.0 Incline

If the treadmill is too hard or you are too heavy, do the same workout on the elliptical. Keep your hands OFF the treadmill, and ON the elliptical hand pulls!

12 Reps One-Leg Hammer Curl to Press
30 Sec Bench Triceps-Dips
12 Reps One-Leg Hammer Curl to Press

30 Sec Bench Triceps-Dips

8 Reps One-Side One-Leg Lateral Raise
30 Seconds Sumo Squats

8 Reps One-Side One-Leg Lateral Raise
30 Seconds Sumo Squats 

12 Reps One-Leg Upright Row
30 Sec Bench Push-ups, Wide Grip 

12 Reps One-Leg Upright Row

30 Sec Bench Push-ups 

x.X.x Bonus x.X.x
Hop Back on the Treadmill or Elliptical!
5 Minutes Jog
2 Minutes Run
5 Minutes Jog Uphill (5-8 incline)
2 Minutes Walk Uphill (8.0^)

When you’re doing one-side or one-leg, make sure you switch the next time you have to do it! Don’t only work one side of your body. X.x

If you have any questions about form or how to do something, feel free to comment or email me. You can always youtube a move, but there are thousands of variations of things, so I highly suggest just asking!

How often do you workout? At Home or At the Gym?

How To Have A Good-Health Day


Start with alkaline.

First things first. Drink some water. Not just plain water, but a water that will alkalize your body, readying it for nutrients. Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water, warmed if possible. Add an herbal tea bag or some dried Goji berries to go the extra flavor mile.
Why? Alkalinity is related to Ph balance. Your digestive system is the main center of your immune system. When your body is alkaline, bacteria, viruses, indigestion, and pain have a hard time surviving. The more alkaline you are, the healthier you are. Lemon may seem acidic, but it actually turns alkaline in your body. Anything that is fresh and plant-based is alkalizing to your body. Processed foods, junk foods, and sugar are acidic. Avoid at all costs! 

 vega-shake 7_edited-1sm

Hit the road with protein.    

The best way to get your hunger under control is to start the day with some plant-based protein. Protein takes longer to digest, and increases your satiety (fullness factor). I suggest a VegaOne shake or smoothie. VegaOne has 50% of your vitamins and minerals, 15g of protein, 6grams of fiber, 1.5 grams of Omega 3’s, Antioxidants, Probiotics, and greens. Plus, it has the super foods chlorella and maca! You won’t only feel full until lunch, but energized and happy. Blend half a frozen banana, one scoop VegaOne, and 12oz unsweetened almond milk or water. If you’re in a rush, you can simply mix a scoop of VegaOne and 8oz water in a to-go BlenderBottle. (Do this at night for a grab-n-go.) The berry flavor of VegaOne is best mixed with water -and nothing else. Vanilla Chai and Chocolate are great with water, or the banana and non-dairy milk.   

Why? A mid-morning munchie attack before lunch time can sabotage your calorie count and weight loss efforts. It can also mean snacking on vending machine junk or the cake in the back office. Sound familiar? Candy-dish diving is just going to make you hungrier and grumpier. Be sure to get a smoothie.
Why plant-based? Whey protein digests very quickly and can bloat you. Many people have dairy-sensitivities, which is where whey comes from.  VegaOne doesn’t only provide you with protein and satiety- you get most of the greens, vitamins, probiotics, and minerals you need for the rest of the day. Now that’s a good start! 

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 3.09.42 AM

Pack security

You may have forgot to pack a lunch. You may be invited to go out to a staff lunch. And you will be tempted with that staff pizza party. If you want to be free from guilt, and health-insured, pack some security. I suggest a home-made trail mix, piece of fruit+raw almonds, or non-dairy greek yogurt. Bananas, oranges, and apples are year round fruits that are very purse-friendly. Raw almonds are full of fiber and protein; only a handful will sustain your hunger until you get home. When fruit and almonds are paired together, you will get a healthy dose of carbs, good fats, and protein.  Non-dairy greek yogurt, made from coconut milk (Delicious!) is also full of protein and fibers. Plus, it tastes sinful but is actually very good for you.

For more information:

Plant Protein:
Snack Security:


Clean Eating: Grocery Shopping

When you decide to start eating healthy, you have to tackle the monster of grocery shopping. It is daunting with all the fat-free, sugar-free, low-cal, and diet foods. Which vegetable do I pick? And how do I even use it? Well I’m here to help you out! First off, I’d like to say you can always email me from my contact page and I’ll give you free advice and answer your questions to my best ability. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll research it and get back to you. My main goal is to be a helpful resource for weight loss, fitness, wellness, and overall health. Mind. Body. Soul. Now let’s tackle that shopping cart mess.

I’ll show you what my grocery shopping loot looked like today. Hint: I used the Thrive Forward Food Staples list as a guide. Don’t mind my blurry phone pic. :/

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 10.51.38 PM

2013-01-11 19.31.41

I shop mostly at Trader Joe’s and go to my local health food store for my specialty items. I don’t have a local farmer’s market so I do the best I can with the budget I have. The list goes as follows, just in case you want to eat exactly what I’m eating haha.

  • Organic Kale 
  • Organic Baby Spinach
  • Organic Avocados (4)
  • Organic Cucumbers (2)
  • Organic Fuji Apples (2lbs)
  • Organic Tri-Color Peppers
  • Organic Naval Oranges
  • Organic Button Mushrooms
  • Organic Meyer Lemons (2)
  • Organic Grape Tomatoes (1lb)
  • Organic Raw Almonds (1lb)
  • Organic Unsulfered Unsweetened Mango
  • Organic Unsulfured Unsweetened Tart Cherries
  • Organic Bananas (3 Bunches) (Ripen and Freeze for Smoothies)
  • Chia Seeds
  • Organic Hummus
  • Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus
  • Reduced-Fat Veganaise
  • Organic Popcorn
  • Silken Tofu (3)
  • Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries (Craving these, not normally on the list)
  • Organic Roasted Vegetable Pizza (Vegan, Again, not normally on the list.)
  • Nutritional Yeast, Fortified (Buy once a month or two months, depending on usage)
  • Organic Green Tea (For Kombucha Home Brewing)
  • Organic Vanilla (Will last 1-2 months, for Chia Cereal/Pudding)
  • Gardein Orange Chicken
  • Gardein Buffalo Wings
  • One bottle Probiotic Coconut Pomegranate Elixir (Special treat)
  • 3 Cartons Silk Unsweetened Non-Gmo Almond Milk (30/Calories/Cup) -I forgot my almond milk, which I buy from Wal-mart because it’s the cheapest there.

And that’s the gist of it. This will last about two weeks for two people, except for the things like almonds, chia seeds, yeast, mayo, vanilla, and bread. Those will last up to a month or more. The produce will be gone and I’ll eat the frozen stuff and then go shopping again. Total cost was $123.12. So averaging out to under $5/day of organic food for two people. Who says healthy is expensive? Not me!

What Do You Make? I’ll make salads, scrambled tofu, dip the cucumbers in the hummus, snack on the tomatoes, carrots, almonds, and dried fruit. I’ll eat the apples and juice apples/oranges/spinach. I usually roast/grill my bell peppers and put them in a sandwich, wrap (still in the fridge from last shopping trip!), or my salads. I also dip them in hummus. The mushrooms will be grilled up. And that’s about it. Most of my meals are smoothies, salads, sandwiches, wraps, or appetizer plates of raw veggies and hummus! And when I’m feeling junky, I go for the Roasted Veggie Pizza, but even that WHOLE pizza is 750 calories, with very little fat (good fats!). I’m simple. Once in a while I’ll make some crazy recipe, but most of the time I’ll fail at that. I like to just snack on raw veggies, make dinners in under 10 minutes, and use my time wisely on other things. . . like helping You.

Not Shown Here; But I eat daily: For supplements I use Vega One, Vega Sport Protein, Pre-Performance Drink, Maca (starting tomorrow!), and Orange Dreamsicle Super Greens. I try and drink a VegaOne shake each day, either mixed into my breakfast/dinner smoothie or as dessert before bed. It has all the vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to get your digestion going and your body feeling great. I have 3 flavors now but always stay stocked on at least one. I use the protein powder after my intense workouts that last over an hour, or just as a snack to feel full before a meal or going out to eat. I’m starting my Maca powder routine tomorrow, adding it into my smoothie. I drink a smoothie either for breakfast or dinner, depending on how I feel. I attempt to drink one serving of the Orange Dreamsicle greens (seriously this stuff tastes amazing for a wheatgrass/chlorella/etc. blend) every night, but don’t always make it.

If it has a commercial, it’s probably not great for you. Have you seen any of these products in a commercial? No. They don’t need a commercial. You see them and know they are healthy. Kale doesn’t need a low-cal label. Oranges don’t need a “100% Vitamin C in Every Serving” ad. And bananas don’t need a big sign on them saying “great for smoothies and snacking.” They sell themselves, rightfully so.

Thrive Forward: Now if this is all too much to read and you’re feeling really lazy. Just look at the pictures and watch this video.

Busting Protein Myths in a Plant-Based Diet

Clean Eating 101
Busting Myths About Plant-based Protein

You know what really grinds my gears? When people tell me I’m not getting enough protein because I don’t eat meat. They assume I’m not getting enough vitamins, minerals, or iron. They challenge my diet and look down on me because I’m eating a huge plate of vegetables instead of the sausage and potatoes, pepperoni pizza,  or burgers and hot dogs. Little do they know, I’m eating a better protein source that has more vitamins and minerals than their plate!

If you’re debating going vegetarian or vegan this year, keep in mind the following truths:

Plants have plenty of protein. In fact, it’s better to get protein from plants than meat.  Why? Thrive Forward explains:

  • Low in saturated fat
  • Free of the growth hormones and antibiotics found in animal proteins
  • Alkaline-forming
  • Easy to digest
  • Better for the environment

Contrary to common belief, there are complete protein sources from plants, such as quinoa, soybeans, and Savi Seeds. Most of the time (but not always) you can eat a variety of plants to get a complete protein. (A complete protein means it contains essential amino acids. This just means your body can’t produce these amino acids on its own.) When you eat an assortment of foods, you don’t only get a variety of amino acids, but a ton of different vitamins and minerals. This helps you stay nourished, energized, and healthy. It is better for your body to get a rainbow of vegetables. Your arteries do not get clogged. Your fat level stays low. And your plasma stays clear.

“But I’m an athlete. I need 7lbs of chicken a day to build muscle.” This is entirely false. The leader of Thrive and Vega, Brendan Brazier, is an Ironman Triathlete AND a vegan.  You can build plenty of muscle using plant-based carbs, fats, and proteins. Look up vegan body builders; they are a whole culture of people who go against this belief.

Apply It–>Show Me How You’re Thriving 

I’m challenging you to replace your next meal with a plant-based protein source instead of the animal-protein. Try black beans, quinoa, brown rice, mushrooms, kale, spinach, hummus (chickpeas + sesame seeds), or even a Gardein product.  Don’t just take out the meat you’re using and consider that a veggie meal. Replace it with something delicious! Get creative! Take a pic and post a link below.

I love to make a sprouted grain bread sandwich, with hummus, sprouts, and grilled/roasted veggies. Use some fresh avocado or Chipotle Veganaise. Have some chopped raw veggies on the side, like baby carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers.


To Do More

It takes the smallest word, picture, film, or person to inspire someone to do something great. I dream of being that inspiration for you. It makes me ecstatic to know that I inspired someone to do one thing healthier, pick up a new health food, or even eat a vegetarian meal. Something that has inspired me lately is the Thrive Forward program, which I wrote about here.

I look at plenty of other health, fitness, and wellness sites and find that the personal weight loss stories get the most views. The front page is usually a set of before, during, and after photos of the girl and the website is full of how she lost the weight. People want to know exactly how the person did it: What did they eat? How did they exercise? What supplement did they take? Did they use a weight loss pill, green coffee bean, or ketones? Did they lift weights or do cardio?

That reminds me. People always think that weight lifting and cardio have to be different. They can’t be in the same move or exercise…yet they can! For example, Kettle Bell workouts are weight lifting/strength training and great cardio. You build muscle and get your heart rate to skyrocket. Don’t get stuck wondering if you should be lifting weights or running. Combine moves, use multiple muscle groups, and stay at a medium-fast pace. For example, hold weights and do a squat+ shoulder press. Do them quickly for your high heart rate, and use a heavy weight for the strength. Hint: The higher your heart rate, the more calories you burn, the more weight you lose.


It’s great that people visit these sites and want to know these stories. But I must tell you some truth: What worked for that girl, may not work for you. Any new lower-calorie diet and exercise is going to make you lose weight, but sustainability is what you should be focusing on. What is going to work for you for the rest of your life? What is a type of exercise you love that feels like play?

Kick Ass

Personally, I love working out…except most of the time I hate running! I know, I know, a trainer who hates running?! But that doesn’t mean I don’t love dancing, kickboxing, cycling, or any other type of heart-racing activity. I don’t enjoy pounding the pavement or treadmill unless I’m racing someone, doing it for a good cause (Fundraising), or if I’m super stressed (Fight or Flight, right?). If I’m stressed out, angry, or sad- I’ll be glad to sprint on a treadmill for an hour. But most of the time I’m happy, humble, and carefree, and I enjoy doing other sorts of exercises…

Dance Like No One Is Watching

It’s okay if you hate something, you don’t have to be obligated to doing that thing. As a Personal Trainer I find out what you love to do, and cater your exercise around that. If you want a personalized workout, contact me. 🙂 I’d be happy to help you! First timers are always free.

Find Peace

My goal is to inspire you, so let me know what you want to see. Do you want to see personal stories? My workouts? My daily food? (I post a lot of that on Twitter!)  Tell me if you’d like some help. Don’t be shy. I won’t judge you.

Best Health,



Thrive Forward Program

Thrive Forward

I want to help you in every way possible. Something great has come along that is assisting me and I want to spread the joy.

Brendan Brazier has launched a fully FREE, educational, video series to teach you everything you need to know on leading a healthy plant-based whole-foods diet. It reminds me of taking an online course in college, yet everything is free and well organized! The forum is Twitter and Facebook

A little about the creator:

“Brendan Brazier is a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion. He is now a successful performance nutrition consultant, the bestselling author of the Thrive book series and formulator of the award-winning Vega line of plant-based nutritional products

Recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on plant-based nutrition, Brendan has dedicated his life to spreading the word about an ethical, environmentally-friendly, and healthy lifestyle through plant-based foods. Brendan currently works with elite athletes all over North America, including athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, PGA and several Olympic athletes. He has appeared on CTV and CBC in Canada, and NBC, ABC, and FOX in the United States.

Thrive Forward, Brendan’s latest endeavour, is the next generation of Thrive in 30— his original free online program that helped over 70,000 people harness the power of clean, plant-based nutrition to feel their best.”

 This program is not about counting calories, worrying about your weight, or fretting over a latte. It shows you a complete step-by-step overhaul to your health, from how to shop to how to sleep.  The subjects are as follows:

I highly encourage anyone and everyone to watch these videos, read the references, and make the recipes. Share this with your family and friends. Share it with the world. We need better nutrition, facts, and myths busted out there. These videos will do that. I’ll be posting my personal experiences on Twitter, so keep an eye out for my photos of shakes, trail mixes, kale chips, and more. If you look now, you can see plenty of links already!

Have fun!

Best Health,


rainbow salad
Rainbow Salad – Click for Recipe

 How are you thriving forward this year? Are you trying to eat cleaner, increase your energy, or buy locally?

New Year, New You

HappyNewYear2013It is officially that time of year we all make promises to ourselves, express our goals, and then slowly but surely, forget about them. Then come next year, and we make the same ones all over again. Why don’t we keep our goals? Why don’t we reach them? Or why do we reach them, fall back on them, and have to start all over again? Here are some simple answers:

Keeping Goals, Reaching Goals

You don’t reach your goal because you are truly not committed to it. You are not ready for change, although you wish you were. You’re in the “pre-contemplation” stage where you are thinking about being/doing (Enter Goal Here) ie: healthier, but you’re not planning for it. Every one else is doing it, you know you need to, but you’re just not quite ready yet.

Want to reach your goals? Get ready.

Falling Back on Goals, Set Backs

So you made the goal to lose weight. You joined a gym in January, you started going every day, and even ate salads for dinner. You were losing weight fast and you felt great. Then, you ran out of time. You got lazy. You made excuses. And you gained it all back. Darn, just in time for bikini season! Looks like it’s t-shirt time and sarong. 

Don’t fall back on your goals. Make a real commitment and stick to it. Reward yourself with a movie or fancy new tech toy for each milestone. Reward yourself with a new bikini that you always wished you could wear with confidence. Keep setting goals after you reach one. Lost the first 10lbs? Now try and lose 5 more. Next, sculpt your muscles. Then, attempt 5 pull-ups. Keep going on your journey (whatever it may be) and don’t make health or weight loss, or happiness, a destination. Make it a lifestyle.

If you’d like FREE virtual help losing weight, getting healthier, eating cleaner, or sculpting your body, contact me today.

Miracle Weight Loss Results


Miracle Weight Loss Results Do Not Exist. It takes time and hard work to lose weight, build muscle, and get the dream body you want. The health industry markets hundreds of thousands of pills, herbs, and supplements that make us believe we can lose weight faster by just taking that pill, drinking that shake, or sprinkling that powder. But when you read the fine print, it has an asterisk that says, “with proper diet and exercise.”

And guess what? It’s NOT the pill/supplement that you’re taking that is making you lose weight. It IS the diet and exercise you started! I admit, I’ll be honest. I’ve had weight issues my whole life. But the real way to lose weight and get fit is HARD- FREAKIN’- WORK!

I’ve done P90x, Insanity, Personal Training, Dance, TRX, Yoga, Kettle-bells, Spartacus, Kickboxing, HIIT, and so on. Exercise was my passion long before it was my job.

Guess what works the best? Eating fewer calories and working harder at the exercise. Choose which ever one you like, and do it to the max. For weight loss purposes, the higher the heart rate, the more calories you burn. Most of the time this is cardio-related, but you can turn weight-lifting into interval training and get the same calorie burn. Choose what interests you, is fun, and is exciting. Choose an exercise that you can look forward to, smile about, talk about, and share.

Some people are Yogis, kick-boxers, dancers, cross-fitters, and so on. They choose what they love, they do it almost daily, and they invite their friends and family.

Right now, my personal joy is weight lifting combined with some interval cardio. On rest days, I dance like nobody is watching. What type of exercise excites you? How often would you do it? 

Are you trying to lose weight right now? Fitness and health is a lifestyle, not a destination. If you seriously want to look good, reduce risk of disease and illness, and live longer and happier, you need to change your mind about food. You need to change your outlook on life and your emotional connection with food. You became overweight for a reason. Find that reason and address it. Fix your mind, your psyche, and gain some courage to become the person you’ve always wanted.

You know, that person who gives more, works harder, smiles often, and laughs daily; that person you admire and say, “I wish I had that life.” Make that your life. Change your life today for all the tomorrows. 

Trial Fast 101

It is easy to forget what true hunger feels like. You feel hungry every day, but is it physiological or psychological? Is the hunger coming from your body or is it coming from your head, hormones, or emotions?

Our bodies run on internal clocks. We psychologically get hungry at the time that we usually eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even if we have a larger than normal breakfast, we will still think we are hungry when lunch time rolls around; although, our bodies probably don’t need more calories yet. If fed more calories, it will just store them as FAT.
My solution to figure out the difference between these cravings and real, empty stomach hunger, is to do a Trial Fast.
Now let me tell you some facts right now:

  •  You will not starve.
  •  Your body will not eat your muscles.
  •  And you won’t die.
You Will Figure out:
  • How to tell when you are truly in need of food.
  • Your triggers that make you crave food.
  • How much food should be in your meals.

It is essential to know what hunger feels like so you know not to freak out (and pig out) when ever you feel it. You know how to manage it, like any other issues in life. Hunger is a daily issue, you just have to decide if you want to handle it as an educated person or otherwise.

How To
This is very simple. All you have to do is not eat for 24 hours. I would choose a relaxing day where you have no work or errands, like Sunday. Eat a regular dinner on Saturday night. Brush your teeth after and do not eat anything during the day on Sunday. Just have a small snack (200 calories or less) and go to sleep. I suggest a piece of fruit or raw vegetable plate.
So lets say you finish dinner at 830pm on Saturday. Simply don’t eat again until 830pm on Sunday. Have a snack and go to bed. Simple as that.
During your day Sunday, relax, meditate, and learn about yourself. Try some yoga. Read up on clean eating, nutrition, and fitness. Stay busy, but relaxed. Do some crafts. Drink some green tea, yerba mate, or herbal tea, all plain. Focus on yourself and realize what you want out of your life and your body.
Do not overeat on Monday to “make up for” the calories you didn’t eat on Sunday. This is a lesson. Go back to your normal eating style. Or better yet, introduce the lessons you learned about yourself and implement them into your eating style. Maybe this means eating less, eating less often, or eating healthier choices. 
Contact me if you have any questions! And comment below or on Facebook telling me how it went. I would love to know!
Fast Fact
  • Your body only “starves” after 72+ hours without food. This is when it will start to turn to proteins to keep a nitrogen balance in your blood.

Note: I am not a doctor, medical professional, or licensed dietician. I am an experienced and certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Always contact your physician before starting a new diet regimen. Do not attempt if you are a Type 1 Diabetic. 

A Simple Answer to Protein Needs

Many people are clueless when it come to macronutrients needs. I’ll give you one simple sentence that will help you always remember how much protein you need:

Divide your weight in half and that’s how many grams of protein you need per day.

So if you are 100 pounds, you need 50 grams. If you are 150, you need 75 grams. Check nutrition labels to see how many grams are in each serving of your chosen food.

Tip: A 4-oz serving (little bigger than a deck of cards) of chicken provides 31 grams of protein, so 3 servings the size of your palm should suffice most people’s protein needs.

Gaining Muscle

If you’re an avid exerciser looking to build lean muscle, or body building, you will require about twice that. So just use your weight as your guideline for how much protein you need.

Facts for ALREADY LEAN PEOPLE looking to gain muscle:

  • Skeletal muscle is approximately 72% water, 22% protein, and 6% fat, glycogen, and  minerals, and 1 pound of muscle tissue contains approximately 100 g of  protein.
  • Theoretically, an athlete would have to ingest an extra 14 g of protein per day. Although, most experts believe the single most important factor in gaining lean mass (along with resistance training, of course) is consuming adequate calories.
  • Therefore, to ensure the body has sufficient energy for lean mass accretion, consume an additional 200 to 400 calories daily above maintenance requirements in addition to consuming a little extra protein (approximately 2 ounces of lean meat).


As you can see from the image above (which I love), vegetarians can get plenty of protein from plant sources. Personally, I don’t eat meat and get my protein from various sources. (Although…I do eat sushi and partake in that once a month or so.) My favorites are quinoa, grilled tofu, lentils, almonds, tempeh, spirulina (shake), hemp seeds, black beans, hummus, kale, spinach, brown rice and seitan (wheat meat). Oh! And you can’t forget peanut butter. Mmm!