Becoming A Female Founder

My hemp spices were featured in FORBES! Look Mom, I'm in FORBES MAGAZINE!  Wow, it has been an inspiring few months. In October, my life and business partner Dane Kemp, decided to apply for a Pre-Seed Business Accelerator called The Founder's Institute. This is a 5-month program that helps you take an idea or start-up … Continue reading Becoming A Female Founder

We’re All Fucked Up And That’s Okay! [Also, What is Epigenetic Programming?]

We’re All Fucked Up And That’s Okay! [Also, What is Epigenetic Programming?] We're all fucked up and that's okay. We are all a product of nature and nurture: the combination of our genetic and epigenetic disposition, mixed with our upbringing and external world. Our bio-psycho-social atmosphere determines our personal reality, which becomes our personality.  We … Continue reading We’re All Fucked Up And That’s Okay! [Also, What is Epigenetic Programming?]

Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussions. I instantly relate them to football, headaches, and athletes. I never thought I'd be the one dealing with the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. For over 8 weeks now, I have been given strict orders (over and over again) to do NOTHING until I feel no more pain. But the pain resides, and … Continue reading Post Concussion Syndrome

A Relationship with Food

A relationship with food is similar to all other relationships you encounter in daily life, such as with a friend, spouse, or business partner. These take time, preparation, planning, dedication, comittment, care, thought, and more. You have to schedule time and activities to maintain these relationships and to keep them healthy. Your relationship with food should align … Continue reading A Relationship with Food

Advocare: What’s All the Buzz About?

I have recently discovered an amazing opportunity that I want to share with you. I work full-time as a passionate, caring, and dedicated personal trainer.  If you're my client, you know I sincerely care about your training, health, and lifestyle. I want to know what you eat, how often you workout, and most importantly why. Well … Continue reading Advocare: What’s All the Buzz About?