What A Trainer & Nutrition Coach Eats

As a nutritionist who is gluten free and plant-based, people ask me what I eat and why they should eat it.

Eating is a personal journey. You must find the nutrients that work best for you, your body, and your life. My diet is very specific because I have many food allergies and an autoimmune disorder.

Most weekdays I start the morning with a protein shake, smoothie, matcha latte, or vegan yogurt, along with my supplements.  I  blend it myself using plant protein, fruit, cinnamon, vanilla, stevia, and plant-based milk, or buy a pre-made drink for $2-4.

If it is the weekend, I may start my morning with some vegan scramble, sauteed with a seasonal vegetable, such as zucchini.

For lunch and dinner, I always eat a rice bowl or sandwich. The rice bowl consists of poke or mexican ingredients. Example: sushi rice, tofu, (sustainable shrimp sometimes), cucumber, jalapeno, tomato, spicy radish sprouts, pineapple, cilantro, green onion, red onion, carrots, avocado, soybeans, ginger, wasabi, and a ton of spicy mayo, yuzu ponzu, and tamari. This is my main meal of the day. 

If I go to Chipotle, I’ll get white rice, sofritas, fajita veggies, 1 scoop pico de gallo, 2 scoops sweet corn, 1 scoop verde, guacamole, and lettuce. As you can see, the poke bowl has many more vegetables, so I prefer it on most days. The drive is further, or the kitchen prep takes much longer, so my favorite poke bowl does not always win.

If I’m not digging through a veggie-rice bowl, I’ll eat a Tempeh-Lettuce-Tomato Sandwich, or Grilled Tofu Sandwich, on gluten free bread. I love Schar’s baguettes and mini brioche buns, found at Sprouts. I also love Mountain White GF bread from Whole Foods. Everything is covered in spicy mayo, rather its Sriracha-Mayo, Ginger-Sriracha-Mayo, or some other hot sauce-mayo combination.

I don’t always eat dessert, but when I do, it’s vegan coconut milk ice cream. If I have a snack, it’s most likely a chai-tea latte, berry fruit salad, organic tator tots, or organic fries, baked at home. I love potatoes. My cheats/junk food include organic kettle chips, air popcorn, dark chocolate, crystallized ginger, and more vegan ice creams. Sugar makes me feel groggy and have GI issues, so I am in my best health when I don’t eat/drink very much of it.

My calorie goal is 1300 calories, and it increases if I work out, or out and about all day.  I don’t count calories unless I’m trying to lose weight, so I stick to my normal eating habits listed above to keep myself lean. Counting calories makes me super OCD due to my anorexic history, so I stick to eating when hungry, and staying hydrated.

I drink water most of the time. If I’m not drinking water, I’m drinking an herbal tea or protein shake. I hope this helps you figure out what meals work for you and your fitness goals! Feel free to ask me any questions. Lots of Love! Kudos and Judos!

The Scientifically Best Way To Use Caffeine for Fat Burning


Not only is it a performance enhancer, but it also accelerates the rate at which fat is broken down within the body, which will help you burn a higher percentage of calories from fat during exercise. If your body draws on fat stores rather than glucose while you’re working out, your glucose levels remain stable, which in turn means you feel less hungry.

Don’t just head down to the local Starbucks, however; when it comes to caffiene, you must take the right kind, in the right amount, at the right time, with the right blend of complementary supplements. Caffeine in coffee form is ineffective for FAT BURNING; the other ingredients in coffee interfere with its performance enchancing efforts.



The most effective form of caffeine for weight loss is an herb called guarana. Guarana is a tropical plant found in the Amazon jungle, where native inhabitants have used it for hundreds of years. Guarana contains a compound nearly identical to caffeine. Unlike coffee,(type A caffeine) which produces an energy surge with a sudden rush and quick drop-off, Guarana is not readily water-soluble and therefore is not too quickly absorbed. [If you’d like to make it more bio-available, take it with a spoon of MCT oil.] Guarana’s caffeine (Type B) is released much more slowly, over a period of hours, producing an energy boost that continues to escalate gradually.


Guarana is most effective combined with white willow bark. The combination synergistically elevates energy expenditure (calorie burning) by interfering with prostaglandin production and inhibiting nor- epinephrine breakdown.

The best way to use caffeine for weight loss is to ingest 5 mg of Guarana per kg of body weight 40 minutes prior to exercise. 

Look for a supplement that combines Guarana and white willow bark (natural aspirin.)

Salix-alba (white willow) contains salicin, which the body converts into salicylic acid which has the same effect as aspirin, without any adverse reactions. This provides a natural anti-inflammatory effect for your workout!


When combined with guarana seed, and CITRUS aurantium, white willow increases the body’s ability to utilize fatty acids while preserving lean muscle tissue.

Defying Disease

I never thought we could cure her. I felt like I wanted to die myself when I heard the news. I thought this was the end to my meaningful existence as a mom. My baby was diagnosed with cancer. 

I never thought we could cure her. I felt like I wanted to die myself when I heard the news. I thought this was the end to my meaningful existence as a mom. My baby was diagnosed with cancer.

My stomach turned and my ulcer flared. I was sick in bed for weeks, crying and killing myself over this news. I had no hope, and was working in the one industry that should have given me all the hope in the world: cannabis.

She’s an amazing plant. With the power of raw cannabis juice, we healed my baby Mary back to her playful, rambunctious self. Although her lymph nodes still get swollen, her symptoms of serious illness are gone. Now she is a normal aging dog, dealing with Arthritis, picky eating habits, and long trots on the beach.

Mary showed me that cannabis could cure her deadly cancer, and she showed me I could heal myself. With her absolute love for life, she inspires me daily to walk, ride, explore, and make new adventures. Defying disease isn’t just about getting your health back, its about getting your life back.

Health is Happiness.


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Stress and Colitis

Stress can cause flare-ups of ulcerative colitis. Float spas can help.


Stress is a major factor in Ulcerative Colitis.

Obsessive thoughts and anxiety riddle the day.

Each negative thought you have becomes exasperated in your gut, as you feel a punch, stab, pull, and gurgle.

Every worry becomes anxiety.

Lingchi, or death by a thousand cuts, would be a more suitable name for this invisible disease.

One method to release stress is floating. Imagine it, an hour to yourself, no worries, no bills, no kids, no driving, no work, NOTHING. Just you in the womb, giving up and letting go for 60 minutes.

Imagine it, an hour to yourself, no worries, no bills, no kids, no driving, no work, NOTHING. Just you in the womb, giving up and letting go for 60 minutes.

I admit, my first couple of floats were a little off. I was still getting used to the idea and the feeling of bobbing around. But after my third float, my body was relaxed for two days. I felt almost perma-stoned and didn’t have a care in the world. The magnesium in the Epsom salt really got under my skin that time and made me chill the fuck out for once.

Here’s a little Simpon’s Clip to explain the floats. They’re about the same price as a massage at $60/hour and can be found near most cities. Search for one near you today to see if this will help keep you in remission from Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, or another autoimmune disease exasperated by stress.


Gut Health in the Cannabis Industry

iStock_000008690317SmallI have noticed a gap in the cannabis industry: Gut Health. There are no budtenders that have been able to help me with my Ulcerative Colitis since 2008. Not a single one.

After a recent flare, I was reminded how helpless and painful it is to have Ulcerative Colitis. You can’t breathe, eat, sleep, or drink water. You begin to die and your insides are bleeding. It seems like its never going to stop. Weeks pass and the world seems to turn into a blur. Your whole life could change if you’re not prepared or have the right support. You could end up jobless, homeless, and in debt because you can’t even lift your head.

Pharmaceuticals, the ER, or any tinctures will not work. The first thing I turned to was vaporizing pure CBD isolate. A huge breath of 0%THC air, that is filled with a medicinal cannabinoid to stop the stomach and digestive seizures. It took away pain, anxiety, and let me get back to sleep for a few hours.

I am here on a mission to help those with IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and other effects of a messed up microbiome. The world is a hostile place baby, and I’m here living in it with you. I want to share whatever helps me so that you can maybe find relief too!

The first thing I did was vaporize CBD Isolate. You can get that privately by emailing me and we can take credit card.


It looks like this white powder, and you can place it into any vaporizer device. It provides instant and radical relief.

The next step, once able to eat food again, is the prevention of more pain. I take 2 capsules per meal of Better Relief, which contain 5mg CBD per capsule, as seen here.

Turmeric, Ginger, and CBD combine to make a powerhouse that heals the ulcers and lowers the gut pain.

For food, I’ve been eating organic gluten-free chicken noodle soup, chicken salad on gluten-free Udi’s white bread, and smoked salmon with a little Kite Hill chive cream cheese. I have also recently added back in white rice cooked in coconut oil.

I’ve been drinking fruit and vegetable juices for additional calories and sticking to spring water.  From here, I will slowly add back in foods I can digest that are low in fiber and high in nutrition.

My next post will be a recipe. Until then, leave a comment with your IBD story.



Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussions. I instantly relate them to football, headaches, and athletes. I never thought I’d be the one dealing with the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. For over 8 weeks now, I have been given strict orders (over and over again) to do NOTHING until I feel no more pain. But the pain resides, and only gets numbed by pharmaceuticals that I don’t want to be ingesting in the first place. Continue reading “Post Concussion Syndrome”

Fall Goals

In order to stay motivated and on task, we have to set goals for ourselves. Whether they are career goals, relationship goals, or fitness goals, they require time, patience, preparation, and a plan.

This Fall I’m looking to improve my cycling endurance, gain strength, and shred a little more fat.

Here is the plan I’ve made for the next 4-6 weeks:

I devised it using Google Drive Spreadsheets. I used IIFYM calculator, also known as If It Fits Your Macros. They have a great Fat Loss Calculator along with their famous macros calculator. According to IIFYM, if I want to lose 4% more body fat, I will have to eat 1500 calories a day, train 6 days a week, and stick to my plan for at least 5 weeks to see results. 

If you want to get serious about athletic performance, you need to focus on correct macros. The best way to acheive your goals is by seeing a trainer. Don’t haphazardly go about fitness. If you want more flexibility, make a plan for it. If you want awesome back and arms, then work for it. If you want less love handles and more definition, then plan it out. You can come to me for a FREE fitness assessment and I’ll help you get started.

If you want to know more about acheiving your goals, please contact me today.

Best Health,


PS: Fall may be here but that is no reason for your efforts at the gym to fall as well. Stay strong and healthy year-round, even on holidays! If you want fitness to be your lifestyle, and if you want to stop “starting over,” then stop giving up! Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to skip your gym day or take a WEEK off! Let your mind rest from work, but keep your body healthy and well. 

A Relationship with Food

A relationship with food is similar to all other relationships you encounter in daily life, such as with a friend, spouse, or business partner. These take time, preparation, planning, dedication, comittment, care, thought, and more. You have to schedule time and activities to maintain these relationships and to keep them healthy. Your relationship with food should align with the efforts in your other relationships. Do you slack off remembering birthdays, cheat on your spouse, and play hooky at work? Do you also find yourself slacking at the gym (or not going!), cheating on your healthy diet, and forfeiting the idea to challenge yourself physically? Continue reading “A Relationship with Food”

Staying Fit During the Holiday Blitz

ImageTis’ the season for skipping workouts, splurging on decadent dishes, and sitting around drinking hot cocoa. Most of the time this means an expanding waist line and a larger number on the scale. All does not need to be lost during the holidays!

Plan For Success 

The best way to avoid gaining weight in the next two weeks is to make a plan. Plan your workouts, plan your portions, and plan your discipline! You’ll have at least 25 minutes from the time you wake up to the time you are expected at family events. In this short period of time, you can fit in body weight exercises to boost your metabolism and break the hump of inactivity.

The Workouts

The moment you awake, start your workout in your pjs! Barefoot and all, you only need the space the size of a yoga mat. Combine the following moves for a quick pre-shower workout:

50 Jumping Jacks
40 Mountain Climbers
30 Air Squats
20 Pushups
10 Tricep Dips

Do 3 rounds and hop in the shower. You’ll be thankful you planned this out! For a more advanced version, try this:

50 Mountain Climbers
40 Jump Squats
30 Reverse Lunges
20 Decline Pushups (Place feet on bed/chair)
10 Tricep Dips (Place legs straight)

Perform 3-4 rounds.

You Are In Control 

Remember that you CAN say no to the extra slice of pie, huge servings, and punch bowl. Limit your portions, but still enjoy a bite of something you truly want. (Like your mom’s famous mashed potatoes!) Keep discipline in mind as you make it through the few celebrations.

Plan Family ACTIVE-ities 

Ask your siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles to join in an active game. Toss around a football, play tag, or walk to get your coffee. Spend time with family that requires some sort of activity. Try turning on some holiday music and dancing around, skip the eletric beater and beat those egg whites into a foam by hand! Try to get creative in every situation you can.

Let Go

Enjoy yourself. Remember to indulge if you really want something. Just be conscious of your activity, and get back on your healthy track ASAP. If you have an extra slice, cookie, or nog, go an extra round in the morning workout.

Vida Fitness Weight Loss Challenge 

If you’re looking to lose a large amount of weight come 2014, I’ve got the challenge for you!

Do you need a serious change? Do you need to lose more than 20lbs? I’ve got the challenge for you! Vida Fitness is hosting a Three-Team Weight Loss Competition, with it’s 3 BEST trainers: Nicole Davidsohn (me!), Erik Strouse, and Andrew Gallagher. We’ll go head to head to help our teams lose the MOST weight over a 6-week period. The cost is 70% OFF Personal Training rates (WOW!).

Enjoy your holiday, because this will Kick.Your.Butt.

I’m hosting TEAM #3 and we’ll meet Wednesday AND Friday at 5pm, Plus Saturday at 9:30am.
Here’s what you get!
(3) 1-Hour long sessions per week for 6 weeks
A Comprehensive Nutrition Program (High Protein or Plant-Based) WITH Shopping List!
24 hour/7 day a week guidance and coaching from yours truly

***Winning Team receives 1 month VIDA Membership free***

LIMITED to 6 Participants
70% OFF Personal Training Rates!
Contact me today to join the team!

Spread the Word!

PS: Body fat % must be over 25% for women, over 20% for men to join. This is a serious Weight-Loss challenge, not an aesthetic competition. We want to help you make a change that will last forever.

The Game Plan: 2 Simple Steps to Avoid Gaining Weight This Week

It’s that time again: time to get bloated, fat, and slow. It’s cold out. We want to cancel all our plans, bundle up, watch movies, and nap. Screw work and working out, it’s nasty outside. Right? WRONG! You WILL gain weight if you give into this every day. You need to stick to that “bikini body” routine, eat your veggies, and remember your goals. Here are pictures of my Thanksgiving dinner. I made it all vegan and tried to make it healthy as possible. You can enjoy your dinner and not feel guilty, just follow a few simple rules for each feast you enjoy.

Day Before Feast: Workout for at least 1 hour at a moderate-intense pace. Eat a very light, veggie-filled dinner and go to bed.

Day Of Feast: Do not eat until the dinner. Drink zero calorie hot teas/coffees up until the big meal. Usually people eat earlier on Thanksgiving, so you shouldn’t have to wait long. If possible, perform 20-45 minutes of light-moderate exercise during your waiting time. Dance, run, lift some heavy things.

By eating a very small amount the day before, and fasting up until the meal, you will create a calorie deficit. This will provide a negative calorie balance for you to enjoy your meal.

Left Overs: If you get stuck with a bunch of leftovers, place small portions into freezer bags to enjoy later. This way you won’t be pressured to eat the same huge meal for the next few days!  Thanksgiving style frozen dinners? Yes please! 

If you’d like any recipes, let me know!

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