Advocare: What’s All the Buzz About?

I have recently discovered an amazing opportunity that I want to share with you. I work full-time as a passionate, caring, and dedicated personal trainer.  If you're my client, you know I sincerely care about your training, health, and lifestyle. I want to know what you eat, how often you workout, and most importantly why. Well … Continue reading Advocare: What’s All the Buzz About?

Raw Vegan Cleanse – KaengRaeng Review

  Being raw vegan would be easy if you stayed home all day or lived next door to a Whole Foods Raw Organic Salad Bar. Otherwise, it's pretty damn hard to eat a strictly raw-vegan diet, be social, and live a normal life in DC.  I'll admit, I faltered. Everything was vegan, but not raw. I … Continue reading Raw Vegan Cleanse – KaengRaeng Review

Losing Weight With An Injury

Losing weight is hard enough on it's own. Cut out all your favorite junk food, eat out less, go to fewer happy hours, and choose egg white scrambles over the french toast. Stop snacking all the time. Reduce your sodium intake. Eat fewer carbs. It's hard. I know. I'm doing it. When you choose to … Continue reading Losing Weight With An Injury

Bikini Body Craze

Everyone who has come to me in the past few weeks for any type of health or fitness advice has said one thing: I want to look good in my bathing suit! Whether it be flattening your abs, toning your triceps, or slimming your inner thighs: I've got the plan for you. A big misleading … Continue reading Bikini Body Craze

Finding a Life as a Full Time Personal Trainer

  Hello Washington, DC I have landed my dream job.  I will help people become fit, healthy, and happy each hour of the day. I will perform fun training sessions as I live in a city full of spark. Somehow I will find a way to discover peace, sanity, happy hours, and brunches. A personal training … Continue reading Finding a Life as a Full Time Personal Trainer

Supplement Sample Reviews

Last week I stopped by VitaminShoppe in search of the new VegaOne Bar. To my dismay, they are not selling in retail stores yet so I must wait longer since I refuse to pay $50 for a box 0f 12 without tasting one! And I LOVE Vega. So I asked the cashier if he had … Continue reading Supplement Sample Reviews

Kevita Drinks Product Review + Giveaway

What is Kevita? Kevita is a probiotic, functional drink that promotes health and energy. It is handcrafted by a winemaker and holistic health consultant in Southern California. The company has a whole family of delicious flavors, including a new Lemon-Cayenne Daily Cleanse and Mojita. How is it healthy? Probiotics are the "good bugs" in your body that … Continue reading Kevita Drinks Product Review + Giveaway

Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress Breakdown

Thrive Stress 101 Bad Stress creates a physiological response in our bodies that makes us tired, irritable, fat, and weak. More than half of the stress we experience is bad stress. When you say that your stress is killing you, you are right. It is weakening your nervous system, organs, mind, and bones. It's terrible, and we … Continue reading Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress Breakdown

Health is a Journey, Not a Destination

Making A Lifestyle You think it's a diet. You think it's a cleanse. You think it's not eating carbs. You think wrong. Health is a lifestyle. It's a complete way of living. Health is from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed and the hours in between. It's a 24/7 practice. … Continue reading Health is a Journey, Not a Destination