we all have room to grow

Phase 1

Become Your Own BFF

Build a foundation of self love. Overcome disordered eating and mental behaviors. Begin the journey to a better you, and shift your paradigm. Find inner peace within 6 weeks.

12 sessions, 6 weeks, 1-2x per week

Phase 2

Find Your Purpose

Achieve your inner passion. Start a business from the ground up, file the paperwork for a Corporation or Nonprofit, make a website, and begin selling the first week we work together!

24 sessions, 2x/ week, screen sharing included for digital assistance

Phase 1+2


Busy moms learn how to take best care of yourself and your family, while building a passion business. All Women Welcome (child not required.)

24 sessions, 2x/ week

we all have room to grow

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Nixie Dee is a Happiness Mentor and Variety Streamer on Twitch.TV with her own produced show.

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