Why Do People Avoid Reflection?


When we are faced with pain, we immediately want to escape it. We have been taught to avoid pain. “Don’t touch the fire” “Take this aspirin” “Take this painkiller”

What if, instead, we faced the pain, looked at it dead in the eye, and said, “Why are you here?”

Pain is the “Check Engine” light on your car. It’s the thing that comes on to tell you something is wrong, so you better get it checked or you’re gonna break down.  Pain is mental and physical. Usually pain doesn’t occur immediately, but only after things have progressed to a point that you are beginning to break down. As I was sitting in the dentist chair getting my cavity filled, I thought about this:

If we are taught to avoid pain, why would we be driven to look inside, where we know pain resides? Why would we dive deep into self-reflection and growth, if we know by going there, we WILL feel pain. We will feel sadness, depression, anxiety, and resentment. We will feel anger, loss, and frustration.

Do you think this is why most people don’t reflect on their thoughts and actions daily?

For those of you who are crazy enough to look inside, be prepared. It is dark in there and you don’t have a flashlight. It’s everything you have been avoiding consciously but exhibiting subconsciously.  It’s the pre-programming that occurred from age 0-7, locking in your personality, therefore locking in your personal reality. What’s inside is the answer “why” to all of your life questions. The truth is rooted deep within your heart. Why have you shut her out?


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