The Game Plan: 2 Simple Steps to Avoid Gaining Weight This Week

It’s that time again: time to get bloated, fat, and slow. It’s cold out. We want to cancel all our plans, bundle up, watch movies, and nap. Screw work and working out, it’s nasty outside. Right? WRONG! You WILL gain weight if you give into this every day. You need to stick to that “bikini body” routine, eat your veggies, and remember your goals. Here are pictures of my Thanksgiving dinner. I made it all vegan and tried to make it healthy as possible. You can enjoy your dinner and not feel guilty, just follow a few simple rules for each feast you enjoy.

Day Before Feast: Workout for at least 1 hour at a moderate-intense pace. Eat a very light, veggie-filled dinner and go to bed.

Day Of Feast: Do not eat until the dinner. Drink zero calorie hot teas/coffees up until the big meal. Usually people eat earlier on Thanksgiving, so you shouldn’t have to wait long. If possible, perform 20-45 minutes of light-moderate exercise during your waiting time. Dance, run, lift some heavy things.

By eating a very small amount the day before, and fasting up until the meal, you will create a calorie deficit. This will provide a negative calorie balance for you to enjoy your meal.

Left Overs: If you get stuck with a bunch of leftovers, place small portions into freezer bags to enjoy later. This way you won’t be pressured to eat the same huge meal for the next few days!  Thanksgiving style frozen dinners? Yes please! 

If you’d like any recipes, let me know!

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