Mindful Moments

No matter how hard you live healthy and happy, like a marathon runner who drops dead from a heart attack, uncontrollable s**t is always going to come flying your way.”

I’m one of those people who learns things the hard way. I must go through them, I can’t just be told. I’m not a cheater; I take every test life has to give and put in my full effort. No skipping out on the hardships, no skimming over the good times, I’m a full on, balls to wall kinda gal. Well this year is no exception to the rule. The universe has decided to throw me a few curve balls but fortunately, I know I’m not the only batter up.

We are all constantly struggling in life with random, unforeseeable events that come and smack us in the face. Some of us stress, some of us fret, and others have epiphanies. But the number one tried and true thing here, is that we’re all going through our own timelines, one day at a time. We’re living, molding, and evolving with each step. With each lift, with each stroke of the pen, our minds are traveling through space, experiencing life. We are made up of everything from our past and present. Our identity and soul are defined by how we have conquered every moment before this one.

Shift perspectives and step out of the frame of life and look at the big picture.

What matters?

This is all you have. This moment in time. Tick tock, tick tock. There it goes. And no matter what journeys you have been through, no matter what anguish you suffer, no matter how much physical pain you are in – you must choose to be happy and live the day as if it’s the only one you have. Because it is. And I’m NOT trying to say “YOLO” and encourage anyone to do crazy things. I’m saying be mindful of every moment that passes, whether it be in the saddest of times or happiest, LIVE that moment. Endure that emotion. Experience life. Every second is fleeting. If you’re mind is living in the past or future, you’re not enjoying the now. You’re not living the moment. Choose to listen to your soul for once. And if that means being sad, be sad. If that means travel the world, then drop everything. Stop being hung up on what you should be doing according to the time, the era, the place, or the past. And start following your heart. Listen to that sign, listen to that gut, and never stray. Dream big and make them happen. If you’re doing what you need, you’re surviving. If you’re doing what you love, you’re thriving.

Let go of the past moments, let go of future worries, and pay attention to how you feel right now.

Close your eyes and listen to your heart. Ask it a question and it will answer truthfully. Trust yourself. Learn yourself. Know thyself. If you don’t, no one else ever will.

Pay attention to the omen.  Pay attention to every moment. Own it.

If you’d like to know more about how to be mindful of every moment, please contact me.

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