We Are Lonely But Never Alone

I usually write about physical wellness but it’s time I put my feelings out there and open up. Here goes a rant of thoughts I’ve been having…

In our time of social media and absolute difficulty of disconnecting, we are never alone. But you may find times of the night you are lonely. You don’t just want attention from the world, but you find a need for it. You pick up your phone, call, text, or tweet. We all do it. We’re weak. We can’t just sit and be fine – alone. Indefinitely alone in a moment of time.

It’s no shame, I’m on every single platform there is. I was raised on AOL/AIM, then Myspace, and now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, and the list goes on. Sometimes I want to just disconnect. Sometimes I want to wander out into nature and enjoy life the way it was supposed to be enjoyed: tactile, fresh, real, live. IRL. In Real Life.

We need this. We all need this. I read a quote this week that said if you experience insomnia, a week in a tent in the woods without any cell phones or internet resets your circadian rhythm. Besides your internal dark/lightness monitor, it resets your mental status. You become connected to a whole new self-fulfilling fullness. Nature. Fresh Air. Life.

So we can’t all just get up and go camping randomly, or have the know-how or equipment. But we can turn off technology, log out, log off, and go for a hike or walk. We can and we should more often.

Make our own music. Make our own entertainment. Ride a bike in dirt instead of to/from work. Write a song. Talk. Read a real book. Get lost. Find yourself. Relax. Truly, relax.

Disconnect to be able to reconnect.

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