Trial Fast 101

It is easy to forget what true hunger feels like. You feel hungry every day, but is it physiological or psychological? Is the hunger coming from your body or is it coming from your head, hormones, or emotions?

Our bodies run on internal clocks. We psychologically get hungry at the time that we usually eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even if we have a larger than normal breakfast, we will still think we are hungry when lunch time rolls around; although, our bodies probably don’t need more calories yet. If fed more calories, it will just store them as FAT.
My solution to figure out the difference between these cravings and real, empty stomach hunger, is to do a Trial Fast.
Now let me tell you some facts right now:

  •  You will not starve.
  •  Your body will not eat your muscles.
  •  And you won’t die.
You Will Figure out:
  • How to tell when you are truly in need of food.
  • Your triggers that make you crave food.
  • How much food should be in your meals.

It is essential to know what hunger feels like so you know not to freak out (and pig out) when ever you feel it. You know how to manage it, like any other issues in life. Hunger is a daily issue, you just have to decide if you want to handle it as an educated person or otherwise.

How To
This is very simple. All you have to do is not eat for 24 hours. I would choose a relaxing day where you have no work or errands, like Sunday. Eat a regular dinner on Saturday night. Brush your teeth after and do not eat anything during the day on Sunday. Just have a small snack (200 calories or less) and go to sleep. I suggest a piece of fruit or raw vegetable plate.
So lets say you finish dinner at 830pm on Saturday. Simply don’t eat again until 830pm on Sunday. Have a snack and go to bed. Simple as that.
During your day Sunday, relax, meditate, and learn about yourself. Try some yoga. Read up on clean eating, nutrition, and fitness. Stay busy, but relaxed. Do some crafts. Drink some green tea, yerba mate, or herbal tea, all plain. Focus on yourself and realize what you want out of your life and your body.
Do not overeat on Monday to “make up for” the calories you didn’t eat on Sunday. This is a lesson. Go back to your normal eating style. Or better yet, introduce the lessons you learned about yourself and implement them into your eating style. Maybe this means eating less, eating less often, or eating healthier choices. 
Contact me if you have any questions! And comment below or on Facebook telling me how it went. I would love to know!
Fast Fact
  • Your body only “starves” after 72+ hours without food. This is when it will start to turn to proteins to keep a nitrogen balance in your blood.

Note: I am not a doctor, medical professional, or licensed dietician. I am an experienced and certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Always contact your physician before starting a new diet regimen. Do not attempt if you are a Type 1 Diabetic. 

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