New Year, New You

HappyNewYear2013It is officially that time of year we all make promises to ourselves, express our goals, and then slowly but surely, forget about them. Then come next year, and we make the same ones all over again. Why don’t we keep our goals? Why don’t we reach them? Or why do we reach them, fall back on them, and have to start all over again? Here are some simple answers:

Keeping Goals, Reaching Goals

You don’t reach your goal because you are truly not committed to it. You are not ready for change, although you wish you were. You’re in the “pre-contemplation” stage where you are thinking about being/doing (Enter Goal Here) ie: healthier, but you’re not planning for it. Every one else is doing it, you know you need to, but you’re just not quite ready yet.

Want to reach your goals? Get ready.

Falling Back on Goals, Set Backs

So you made the goal to lose weight. You joined a gym in January, you started going every day, and even ate salads for dinner. You were losing weight fast and you felt great. Then, you ran out of time. You got lazy. You made excuses. And you gained it all back. Darn, just in time for bikini season! Looks like it’s t-shirt time and sarong. 

Don’t fall back on your goals. Make a real commitment and stick to it. Reward yourself with a movie or fancy new tech toy for each milestone. Reward yourself with a new bikini that you always wished you could wear with confidence. Keep setting goals after you reach one. Lost the first 10lbs? Now try and lose 5 more. Next, sculpt your muscles. Then, attempt 5 pull-ups. Keep going on your journey (whatever it may be) and don’t make health or weight loss, or happiness, a destination. Make it a lifestyle.

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