Cuppow Review and Giveaway

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 3.52.05 PM

Hello Friends! I have recently paired up with this amazing company to bring you an eco-friendly solution to your life on the go. CUPPOW! has made your life easier by supplying an adult “sippy” cup lid to any mason jar to bring your drinks on the go.  They also supply a indoor-cup feature if you like to snack on the run. Cookies and milk for a post-class snack or apples and peanut butter for a post-workout fuel, BNTO has you covered:

My personal favorite is to use a lid to drink more water. There is something about sipping it that actually makes you drink more! Stay hydrated, stick to Cuppow! The BNTO bowls also double as perfect portion control for ice cream, when not in use as a travel cup. These products make life more fun, and if you’re not down for that, you’re missing out! Smile, and get some CUPPOW in your life today.

Well since I know you’re dying to try one of these amazing products, I’ve got good news for you. I have a few extra to give to a lucky reader. Simply follow the steps here :a Rafflecopter giveaway: to enter!

We Are Lonely But Never Alone

I usually write about physical wellness but it’s time I put my feelings out there and open up. Here goes a rant of thoughts I’ve been having…

In our time of social media and absolute difficulty of disconnecting, we are never alone. But you may find times of the night you are lonely. You don’t just want attention from the world, but you find a need for it. You pick up your phone, call, text, or tweet. We all do it. We’re weak. We can’t just sit and be fine – alone. Indefinitely alone in a moment of time.

It’s no shame, I’m on every single platform there is. I was raised on AOL/AIM, then Myspace, and now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, and the list goes on. Sometimes I want to just disconnect. Sometimes I want to wander out into nature and enjoy life the way it was supposed to be enjoyed: tactile, fresh, real, live. IRL. In Real Life.

We need this. We all need this. I read a quote this week that said if you experience insomnia, a week in a tent in the woods without any cell phones or internet resets your circadian rhythm. Besides your internal dark/lightness monitor, it resets your mental status. You become connected to a whole new self-fulfilling fullness. Nature. Fresh Air. Life.

So we can’t all just get up and go camping randomly, or have the know-how or equipment. But we can turn off technology, log out, log off, and go for a hike or walk. We can and we should more often.

Make our own music. Make our own entertainment. Ride a bike in dirt instead of to/from work. Write a song. Talk. Read a real book. Get lost. Find yourself. Relax. Truly, relax.

Disconnect to be able to reconnect.

It’s Not About Winning…But That Doesn’t Hurt

I’ve officially joined hands with Erik Strouse to change lives, create healthy habits, and help people lose weight over the next 8 weeks. It’s the Vida Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, and I’m ready to WIN. But that’s not why I’m so excited today…

I’m truly passionate about training. The fire inside me is incited when I meet someone who is lost, hopeless, and slightly inspired to change. I wake up, get excited, and jump for joy that I get to come into someone’s life and help them become happier. Nobody is joyous when their health is waning, their confidence is low, and their body is ill. I want to be that person that enters your life and changes it all. That’s what my life is about, that’s what my job is about, and now that is what this competition is about.

I want my team to be inspired, elevated, excited, and just as passionate about health and fitness as I am. I’m writing this to you, team. I’m here to make a difference, and I want you to be committed. I want this to be that program that opened your eyes and made you think differently. I’m here for you 24/7, even if I only see you 3x per week. I want my face, my workouts, and my nutrition tips in your mind 24/7. All day, every day – health. Health. Health.

When following the nutrition plan, write down what you eat and don’t lie to me or yourself. When you come into the workout, be energized and ready to work.  Don’t make excuses. Don’t fail. Don’t give up. Trust and believe in the process. Trust and believe in yourself. You can do this. You can all do this, together.



Staying Fit During the Holiday Blitz

ImageTis’ the season for skipping workouts, splurging on decadent dishes, and sitting around drinking hot cocoa. Most of the time this means an expanding waist line and a larger number on the scale. All does not need to be lost during the holidays!

Plan For Success 

The best way to avoid gaining weight in the next two weeks is to make a plan. Plan your workouts, plan your portions, and plan your discipline! You’ll have at least 25 minutes from the time you wake up to the time you are expected at family events. In this short period of time, you can fit in body weight exercises to boost your metabolism and break the hump of inactivity.

The Workouts

The moment you awake, start your workout in your pjs! Barefoot and all, you only need the space the size of a yoga mat. Combine the following moves for a quick pre-shower workout:

50 Jumping Jacks
40 Mountain Climbers
30 Air Squats
20 Pushups
10 Tricep Dips

Do 3 rounds and hop in the shower. You’ll be thankful you planned this out! For a more advanced version, try this:

50 Mountain Climbers
40 Jump Squats
30 Reverse Lunges
20 Decline Pushups (Place feet on bed/chair)
10 Tricep Dips (Place legs straight)

Perform 3-4 rounds.

You Are In Control 

Remember that you CAN say no to the extra slice of pie, huge servings, and punch bowl. Limit your portions, but still enjoy a bite of something you truly want. (Like your mom’s famous mashed potatoes!) Keep discipline in mind as you make it through the few celebrations.

Plan Family ACTIVE-ities 

Ask your siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles to join in an active game. Toss around a football, play tag, or walk to get your coffee. Spend time with family that requires some sort of activity. Try turning on some holiday music and dancing around, skip the eletric beater and beat those egg whites into a foam by hand! Try to get creative in every situation you can.

Let Go

Enjoy yourself. Remember to indulge if you really want something. Just be conscious of your activity, and get back on your healthy track ASAP. If you have an extra slice, cookie, or nog, go an extra round in the morning workout.

Vida Fitness Weight Loss Challenge 

If you’re looking to lose a large amount of weight come 2014, I’ve got the challenge for you!

Do you need a serious change? Do you need to lose more than 20lbs? I’ve got the challenge for you! Vida Fitness is hosting a Three-Team Weight Loss Competition, with it’s 3 BEST trainers: Nicole Davidsohn (me!), Erik Strouse, and Andrew Gallagher. We’ll go head to head to help our teams lose the MOST weight over a 6-week period. The cost is 70% OFF Personal Training rates (WOW!).

Enjoy your holiday, because this will Kick.Your.Butt.

I’m hosting TEAM #3 and we’ll meet Wednesday AND Friday at 5pm, Plus Saturday at 9:30am.
Here’s what you get!
(3) 1-Hour long sessions per week for 6 weeks
A Comprehensive Nutrition Program (High Protein or Plant-Based) WITH Shopping List!
24 hour/7 day a week guidance and coaching from yours truly

***Winning Team receives 1 month VIDA Membership free***

LIMITED to 6 Participants
70% OFF Personal Training Rates!
Contact me today to join the team!
Spread the Word!

PS: Body fat % must be over 25% for women, over 20% for men to join. This is a serious Weight-Loss challenge, not an aesthetic competition. We want to help you make a change that will last forever.

The Game Plan: 2 Simple Steps to Avoid Gaining Weight This Week

It’s that time again: time to get bloated, fat, and slow. It’s cold out. We want to cancel all our plans, bundle up, watch movies, and nap. Screw work and working out, it’s nasty outside. Right? WRONG! You WILL gain weight if you give into this every day. You need to stick to that “bikini body” routine, eat your veggies, and remember your goals. Here are pictures of my Thanksgiving dinner. I made it all vegan and tried to make it healthy as possible. You can enjoy your dinner and not feel guilty, just follow a few simple rules for each feast you enjoy.

Day Before Feast: Workout for at least 1 hour at a moderate-intense pace. Eat a very light, veggie-filled dinner and go to bed.

Day Of Feast: Do not eat until the dinner. Drink zero calorie hot teas/coffees up until the big meal. Usually people eat earlier on Thanksgiving, so you shouldn’t have to wait long. If possible, perform 20-45 minutes of light-moderate exercise during your waiting time. Dance, run, lift some heavy things.

By eating a very small amount the day before, and fasting up until the meal, you will create a calorie deficit. This will provide a negative calorie balance for you to enjoy your meal.

Left Overs: If you get stuck with a bunch of leftovers, place small portions into freezer bags to enjoy later. This way you won’t be pressured to eat the same huge meal for the next few days!  Thanksgiving style frozen dinners? Yes please! 

If you’d like any recipes, let me know!

Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookie Review – All Flavors!

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.46.56 PM Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.47.49 PM Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.47.57 PM Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.48.04 PM Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.48.12 PM Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.48.19 PM


I love cookies. I love cookies that make you feel less guilty because they have protein in them. Therefore, I love Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies!
Before I say anything else, I need to say this: These cookies are DELICIOUS! You can’t tell they are “protein” cookies at all.

Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies provide 15grams of protein per cookie, with a stifling 2 servings per package. These cookies are HUGE! You can use them as a meal replacement because of the average calorie count (350-450 kcals). And Hello? Who doesn’t want to say, “I had a cookie for breakfast!”

I tried every single flavor, and they come in many.

Double Chocolate tastes like a soft brownie. Yum.

Pumpkin tastes like fresh pumpkin bread.

Lemon Poppyseed reminds me of a fresh lemon tart.

Peanut Butter is like most PB cookies, dense with an almost melt-in-your mouth subtleness.

Oatmeal Raisin is perfect in this Fall weather and I would definitely suggest giving it a little warmth to give you that fresh-baked-raisin bread taste.

And chocolate chip? It’s a chocolate chip cookie with all the best qualities. A great amount of chips, a soft chewy texture, and a delightful non-guilty feeling.

I really love these cookies and would highly suggest them to anyone who loves cookies. My ONLY drawback (if one at all) is that I wanted to eat the complete cookie, but had to share each one, or split it between two days. The high calorie count is something that makes me raise an eyebrow and definitely lets you know: You’re still eating a huge cookie.


I wanted to thank Lenny and Larry’s for their delightful gift of these cookies in exchange for a review, and possible place in my gym! I was not compensated in cash, unless you count cookies as cash. 😉 Hopefully VidaFitness will pick these up next to their Luna and Clif Bars!


Advocare: What’s All the Buzz About?

I have recently discovered an amazing opportunity that I want to share with you. I work full-time as a passionate, caring, and dedicated personal trainer.  If you’re my client, you know I sincerely care about your training, health, and lifestyle. I want to know what you eat, how often you workout, and most importantly why. Well here I am to present you with an opportunity to experience the top-of-the-line supplements. No matter what your goal: more muscle, weight loss, or better wellness, Advocare has a product for you.

I’ve been using them for a month now and feel more appetite control, energy, and have even experienced some weight loss, without adding in anymore exercise than I normally do. I’ve been a firm believer that strict diet and exercise is the answer, but I have been wrong. These supplements really help me and I believe can help you too! You can check out my Trusted Equipment and Supplements page for some specific items, and shop from here.

Advocare isn’t only for the consumer though. You can become a distributor and receive 20% off each order! (And I don’t make money for you simply signing up, so go ahead and get your discounts now!) If you need extra income (like most of us do in this economy) Advocare can allow you to reverse your debt, start a college fund, or even just help pay the bills. I’ve just started and am already making money, and you can too!  I’m here to help. I know a lot of my readers, friends, and family turn to me for health and fitness advice. You know I care about you. And I know we all struggle at times with money. We want to work less and make more, but it’s hard. Advocare is about to help me tackle this ordeal, and I believe it can help you too. Just dedicate yourself, or simply sign up for discounts, and you will reap the health and income benefits.

Honestly, I’m not trying to be spammy or “salesy” at all. That’s not me. I never get paid for my reviews of products. Well here I am trying to help you. Contact me today for more details and I’ll help you every step of the way. If you’re in the fitness industry, click this link and watch the video. If you decide to become a distributor, my Distributor ID is 130735500. Let me know what you think!

Raw Vegan Cleanse – KaengRaeng Review

Mango, Pineapple, and Banana “DayBreak” mixed with banana, ice, and water
Sprouted Quinoa, Sprouted Almonds,Sprouted Pepitas, Banana, Raw Coconut Nectar
Sprouted Quinoa, Sprouted Almonds,Sprouted Pepitas, Banana, Raw Coconut Nectar


Being raw vegan would be easy if you stayed home all day or lived next door to a Whole Foods Raw Organic Salad Bar. Otherwise, it’s pretty damn hard to eat a strictly raw-vegan diet, be social, and live a normal life in DC.  I’ll admit, I faltered. Everything was vegan, but not raw. I had some cooked eggplant and some dark chocolate pretzels yesterday. Onto the cleanse…

Feeling: The fiber content in these shakes is NO JOKE! I was gurgling and bubbly and digesty all day long. If you’ve ever eaten one too many FiberOne bars, you know the feeling. But hey, I asked for the Master, and I’m guessing it’s more fiber than the Beginner! When your tummy is all bubbly though, you want to avoid eating, which in turn makes you consume fewer calories, and detoxes your body! Yay!

Flavor: These shakes are pretty darn tasty. My favorite is the yellow one called DayBreak and it has pineapple, banana, and mango. It tastes really great actually blended with ice water and a banana! It reminds me of Jamba Juice. The worst is the IntoTheBlue, as it has the least fruit flavor, yet still makes a nice icy treat on these hot summer days.

Conclusion: I was 120lbs the day I started drinking these shakes. This morning I was 118lbs. Now I know weight can fluctuate by water and so on, but that scale has refused to remove that “2” for a while now, so I was happy to see it down under 120! My goal weight is between 105-110, which is healthy for my 5’4 stature. I will definitely focus on more raw-vegan foods in my diet, and realize that it’s not too hard! I sprouted nuts and quinoa for the first time, so this cleanse really sparked my interest in raw foods. Plus I bought some raw Nori sheets to make some raw-vegan sushi. These cleanses and detoxes always get me into the kitchen and remind how much I love HEALTHY, LOW-CALORIE, NUTRIENT-DENSE foods!! Thank you K.R. for that!

Lessons Learned:  “Raw Vegan” gets a bad rap, but you don’t have to be 100% to get the benefits. Fresh fruit on a hot summer day is not only an amazing meal, but is very refreshing. Raw fruits and veggies are totally underrated, and I will be stocking my fridge and stomach with more raw foods for now on. It’s not like I didn’t do this before, I will just be increasing the ratio of raw to cooked. Sprouted foods are also on my to-do list for now on, since I realized it wasn’t hard to do. I bought some pseudo-grains to start sprouting and eating this coming week. I looked at the ingredients and saw Psyllium husks as the fiber. I will definitely be researching a good organic one to add to my smoothies for now on. I feel like the fiber from the husks was a big part in keeping me full and satisfied. I also have a huge sweet tooth and realized I need to be going straight to fresh melon and strawberries instead of craving a cupcake! I mean, again, I already know this, but we derail. We are human. Discipline is hard. And will power is limited. So we must be hold the whip and keep ourselves in line if we want to be healthy, thin, and fit! Right?

Suggestion to KaengRaeng: I really like the shakes. I wish I could buy a single one here or there from the store. I don’t necessarily want to do 3-days straight of gut busting, fiber-filled, fruit smoothies all that often.  I’d like to supplement a few days a week with one of these shakes as a meal replacement. Would it be possible to sell them in single packs at Whole Foods or online? The price is also steep. Honestly, I’ve wanted to try KaengRaeng for a while, but could not (and still can’t) afford the price. I think single packets on Amazon and a lower price would have me coming back for more!

Thank you KaengRaeng for the cleanse and detox! I hope this review helps you as much as it helped me! 


Raw Vegan Cleanse [Kaeng Raeng]









IMAG1880It has begun! My raw-vegan journey started this morning. I  sprouted almonds and quinoa last night (See above), chopped up a pineapple, and bought some fruits and veggies. Safeway had a very limited selection of organic produce that was edible, so tonight I’ll be going to try another store to stock up on some more food!

Breakfast: Strawberry shake + 1 apple + 1/4 C sprouted quinoa + 10 sprouted almonds + some chopped pineapple

Lunch: Shake + Bananas

Dinner: Shake + similar to above + a few tomatoes

Dessert: 1-ingredient Frozen Banana Ice Cream


Kaeng Raeng – A Raw Vegan Cleanse

You all probably think I’m crazy. This is my third cleanse in the past 30 days! Maybe I should rename my blog The Cleanse Tester. As long as it’s not a colon cleanse, I think I’ll try anything. Okay, maybe not anything. But if it’s raw, vegan, and free, I’ll take a look! Now I just want to say, I support daily detoxing, which means eating and drinking super foods every day, in moderation, instead of going 3-7 strict days a month. It’s a lot easier and will keep your body running smoothly. It’s also a lot more practical so you can still eat socially and enjoy a nice dinner here and there. I just happened to get a free kit from KaengRaeng right after I did the VegaOne and Gouter Tonic cleanse. I might as well keep going on my health and weight loss journey, right?!

I’ve been reading about Kaeng Raeng for a couple years now on vegan blogs. I’ve wanted to try it, but could never fork over the cash. Lucky me, they have agreed to send me a 3-day complimentary cleanse to try and review! What I LOVE about this cleanse is that I actually get to EAT raw, vegan food while on it! I love fruits and veggies and CHEWING so this won’t be so hard. A big fruit salad for breakfast, a green salad for lunch with citrus juices, and a salad for dinner with some nuts and seeds for protein. I’m on board!

I will be starting this cleanse July 5th (I’ll need it after the 4th!) and will continue through Sunday. I know raw fruits, veggies, and sprouted nuts and seeds provide tons of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy energy. So I’m not worried about being hangry and fatigued this time. I will just have to deal with the mental craving for hot foods. Luckily, it’s Summer and cold foods are fine right now!  I think this will be great! Thanks Kaeng Raeng!

*Stay Tuned and FOLLOW on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for my updates during my cleanse this weekend!*