KlutchClub Review

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As a fitness and health enthusiast I am always searching for the best deals and sales on all things related to my passion. I suggest VeganCuts start a sport box, and then decided to google it and found this amazing piece of merchandise. KlutchClub is a health, fitness, and wellness box that you can subscribe to for a monthly deal. The box comes with sample and full size products to let you try out brands you haven’t seen or tried yet.

I think it’s a great idea and that anyone who is interested in fitness and health would enjoy a monthly gift to themselves like this! You get to try new things on the cheap (Only $10 a month!) and enjoy new experiences.

Celsius: A great energizing, caffeinated, low calorie beverage. This will get you buzzed! I was in love with this product and bought two tubs of their powder. But be careful! The product doesn’t warn you, but the gaurana seed will you have you energized the whole night, preventing a deep sleep. Drink sparingly and when needed.

HempSeeds: These are delicious! I’ve been searching my local health food stores for these spicy, nutty, full protein roasted hemp seeds. Must TRY!

Crackers: Who doesn’t love crackers? These were a nice little snack and I like the small serving size. Great for on the go people like me!

FeetWipes:  Okay, now I would never buy a product specifically for just wiping my feet, but they smell great and work as they say: they clean your feet after wearing sandals around town all day. I’ll stick to baby wipes or a shower, but this was a nice sample.

BodyWash: This body wash was a hectic mess inside the box because it wasn’t sealed! With shipping it leaked a bit and I had to get a whole new box from KlutchClub in order to sample all the products. I like the smell and it’s in my shower now!

CashewBar: I normally don’t like raw products too much unless I make them, but this bar was a tasty little treat.

Orgain: I’ve seen this product all over the health food stores for years now. I’ve never tried it because it’s real dairy and I’m lactose intolerant. My boyfriend tried it and said it tasted like any other chocolate protein shake.

Q-Speed Coq10: I liked the taste of these little orange tablets that dissolve under your tongue, but I’ll never know exactly how they affected me. they say they give you energy, but I didn’t feel anything special.

DailyBurn: The box came with this gift card to a site called DailyBurn that houses free workouts  but honestly, I never checked it out. I’m a trainer and design my own workouts so it didn’t really peak my interest to watch online workout videos. I might check it out now though to get some new moves.

SyncSystem: This was another card to another website but I really didn’t “get it.” It helps women with syncing periods and stuff like that, but I have an app for it.

Conclusion: Overall, the KlutchBox is huge compared to other boxes I’ve reviewed. Something great about KlutchClub is that they TELL YOU what’s inside the box before you buy! Other boxes just surprise you. So I check the website each month just in case I like what is in the box. You can get a discount by clicking HERE and entering code: SPRING. Enjoy!

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