Energy Bits Review

EnergyBits is a Spirulina Algae supplement that is 100% organic. It supplies you energy through chlorophyll, which makes oxygen more available to red blood cells. I am used to green juices, green shakes, and smoothies, so this was nothing new to me or my body. I like the marketing and I love the packaging, but I don’t like the fact it says you can chew these. Imagine this, you’re on your way out the door to work and are feeling a bit fatigued. You realize you have these EnergyBits to sample and figure this must be the best time to test them out. So you pop a few in your mouth and give them a chew. BIG MISTAKE! Your lips, teeth, tounge, and breath now are a puky green that is entirely too hard to wash out with a mouth full of water! I ended up brushing my teeth for 5 minutes in order to try and get this green gunk out of my mouth. Please EnergyBits, take off the chewing option!!!

The next day I tried swallowing a handful. It says a serving is 30 tablets. I don’t know about you, but there is no way I could possibly swallow thirty pills at once! A handful wasn’t 30, and it was hard to get down. I get the idea of this product, but I just don’t think it’s very feasible. I take spirulina and wheat grass and all that good stuff in my AmazingGrass Orange Dreamsicle. It tastes great, I can drink it at work, and it doesn’t get my mouth all gunky.

I really wanted to like this product because of the attention to detail, the sourced ingredients, and the overall kindness and quickness of the company. But…in the end I will not be purchasing it because of how hard it is to ingest the required amount to feel the buzz. I’ll take a few here and there until they are gone, because I appreciate the healthfulness of the product. Thank you EnergyBits for the sample!!

Best of Luck!

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