Kaeng Raeng – A Raw Vegan Cleanse

You all probably think I’m crazy. This is my third cleanse in the past 30 days! Maybe I should rename my blog The Cleanse Tester. As long as it’s not a colon cleanse, I think I’ll try anything. Okay, maybe not anything. But if it’s raw, vegan, and free, I’ll take a look! Now I just want to say, I support daily detoxing, which means eating and drinking super foods every day, in moderation, instead of going 3-7 strict days a month. It’s a lot easier and will keep your body running smoothly. It’s also a lot more practical so you can still eat socially and enjoy a nice dinner here and there. I just happened to get a free kit from KaengRaeng right after I did the VegaOne and Gouter Tonic cleanse. I might as well keep going on my health and weight loss journey, right?!

I’ve been reading about Kaeng Raeng for a couple years now on vegan blogs. I’ve wanted to try it, but could never fork over the cash. Lucky me, they have agreed to send me a 3-day complimentary cleanse to try and review! What I LOVE about this cleanse is that I actually get to EAT raw, vegan food while on it! I love fruits and veggies and CHEWING so this won’t be so hard. A big fruit salad for breakfast, a green salad for lunch with citrus juices, and a salad for dinner with some nuts and seeds for protein. I’m on board!

I will be starting this cleanse July 5th (I’ll need it after the 4th!) and will continue through Sunday. I know raw fruits, veggies, and sprouted nuts and seeds provide tons of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy energy. So I’m not worried about being hangry and fatigued this time. I will just have to deal with the mental craving for hot foods. Luckily, it’s Summer and cold foods are fine right now!  I think this will be great! Thanks Kaeng Raeng!

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