Fitspiration Versus Thinspiration

After my post about intermittent fasting, I started searching for people who lived this way. After typing in the hash tag “Fasting” into twitter, I got a bunch of twitter accounts of girls with eating disorders. They post pictures of anorexic girls, tweet about how little they are eating, and post their low weights and BMI’s. It was pretty disturbing to see those images, but it’s the truth.

Because of the many forms of media that promote “thinness,” girls all over are constantly trying to be skinnier. I have to admit, when I was younger I wanted this too, but now I know better. There are websites devoted to thinspiration photos. And sometimes these two new words get confused. You’ll see fit girls on these sites, and then super skinny girls too.

Why isn’t there a media craze about being fit and strong?

Looking good is about being fit, strong, and sexy- not skinny, boney, and thin. 

I can see why people relate fasting to anorexia; that is all they know and see. If you don’t eat, you’re starving yourself. You’re punishing yourself. You’re cleansing your sins. But really, you can fast for fitness. And that is what I’m now attempting to do.

You must be lean to see your sculpted muscles. You can lift all the weights you want and chug all the protein drinks down, but you’ll only be able to see the results if that fat layer is gone. And when it comes down to it, less calories equals weight loss, and weight loss equals less fat, and less fat equals visible muscles. So get out of the kitchen and focus on other things in life that bring you joy.

Fitspiration should be the only inspiration to young ladies. Girls on magazine covers should be healthy and fit, not skinny and boney. This is sending a negative and evil message to young girls. I was one of them! I know the feeling. When a woman is on tv or a magazine cover, we automatically think they are put there to be an idol, an example for what a lady should look like. They are praised for their looks and body, so we must make ours look similar.

I’m here to say, instead of actually starving- educate yourself. (This website is a great source to start.) Instead of wanting to be thin, want fitness. Exercise extends your life. Eating healthy extends your life. Enjoy your life, extend it, and live happier. Don’t torture yourself. Don’t fall for gimmicks. And don’t take diet pills. Just do what works for you and remember the science before trying the latest trend.

Weight Loss Journey: Behavior Change #4

Write. It. Down. 

Keeping a food and exercise journal has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss. When you have to measure and see the numbers of exactly what you are putting in your body, you learn that you should be putting less. Less meat, less dairy, less sugar, less salt, and more fiber, more whole grains, and more veggies.

For someone to track every single little bite, they must be dedicated. You can’t skip the banana because you think it’s healthy – it still contributes to daily calories.

Let’s take a step back one second. You might be overwhelmed at this point and thinking you can’t do this. It’s O.K. A life change takes time, which is why I’m giving you behavior changes by the week, not the day. You must get used to doing things. Your mind and body need to adapt slowly. Shocking your body (like doing a fast or cleanse) will make you feel like crap and make you think it is impossible to lose weight and get happy from torturing yourself.

Keeping a journal is not torture. It’s an opportunity for you to learn about yourself, your behaviors, your energy levels, and how food affects all of that. We are all individuals and work best in our own ways, but that way can be healthy and you don’t have to be fat anymore.

I use to track my calories and macronutrients. There is also a diary section of it where you can write down how you feel: This is a FREE service, which is why I use it personally. You can export your diary, print it out, email it, share it, so your responsibility for your life is 100%…like it should be now.

Most of us are overweight because of emotional eating. We eat when were bored, tired, excited, celebrating, happy, sad, and just wandering. We eat because we have an appetite from smells, looks, and commercials. But when do you eat when you’re hungry. Just plain hungry. You know you’re hungry when you tummy is grumbling, you’re feeling tired and weak, and you’ll eat just about anything to fill you up. This is hunger, and the only time when you should be eating.

It’s so important to keep a journal because then when you’re feeling that craving, but your body is not hungry, you can write. You can type. You can talk to your phone so it can keep the message for you. With the high technology we have now, it is simple to keep a journal. When I’m out, I access the MyPlate feature from the net on my phone. Before I take a bite of that salad, I make sure I write it down. If I didn’t make it myself, I ask about the details. I check the calorie menu. And I make sure I’m eating right.

How do you know what to eat and when? I’ll help you with my meal plan. It’s a great start to teach you how to eat simple recipes, and after a week you’ll get the hang of it and will be able to do it for the rest of your life. Soon you won’t have to use measuring cups and spoons because you will know how much a tablespoon and cup is. You’ll know one pear is one serving of fruit, and a dash of vanilla is a teaspoon.

If you believe in yourself, overcome those emotional boundaries, and start measuring today, you can lose weight. You can do this. Now go sign up for a free account on LiveStrong, and start recording now. Don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t wait for Monday, Start Now!

Weight Loss Journey: Behavior Change #3

You can guess the behavior change this week by the picture. Behavior change number 3 is to say goodbye to junk food and food-like substances. I admit, this is the hardest step to make. That is why we started with education and adding in good stuff. Now the journey gets harder.

People react defensively when things are taken away from them. They usually react by doing the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be doing. I say no fast food, you have it for dinner. I say no ice cream, you buy a gallon. It’s human nature. We don’t like to be deprived. In scientific history, deprivation means starvation, means death.

Today, we have access to unlimited food, drink, and food-like substances (which we will define in a minute).

But this isn’t taking anything away from you… except fat, pounds, and inches. This is taking away medications for high cholesterol and triglycerides, clearing your skin, giving you a higher metabolism, taking away headaches, body aches, cramps, and pains. This is taking away plaque from your arteries so your blood and oxygen can flow freely.  This is taking away the thought, “Why am I so fat? Can I ever look that good? What is stopping me?”

You are stopping you. Only You can change your lifestyle and You can’t depend on anyone. Not your bestfriend to come with you to the gym, not your mom to cook you the right foods, not an expensive meal plan that ships you the right meals everyday. I’m here to help you get through this, but YOU have to dedicate yourself and decide to change your life right now.

Take out the junk food. Clean out your kitchen. And stop thinking you need it to survive.

You can donate unopened and unspoiled foods to a nearby church.

What is junk food? 

Processed, simple carbs, foods with preservatives, sugary snacks, candy:

  • white flour
  • white bread
    • Anything with Enriched Bleached Flour, Enriched Flour, Wheat Flour (Same as white flour)
  • sugary cereals
  • boxed bars (Poptarts, granola bars, protein bars)
  • chips
  • soda
  • cookies
  • crackers with any preservatives or sugar
  • canned goods that have added ingredients (like Boston Baked Beans, Clam Chowder, Pie filling, etc.)
  • ice cream
  • sugary yogurts
  • whole milk
  • milk chocolate (Dark chocolate with min. 70% cacao is O.K)
  • candy
  • sugary condiments (ketchup, bbq sauce, fake maple syrup)
  • cheese (unless lite)
  • sausage
  • processed meats (lunch meat, frozen chicken fingers, etc)

Basically, if you can’t pick it from the ground, or kill it with a gun, take it out.

If it doesn’t spoil in two weeks, then it probably isn’t good for you, except for things like this:

  • dry quinoa
  • dry or canned organic beans
  • dry legumes
  • stone ground whole wheat
  • rolled oats
  • organic spices (Seasoning salt is not a spice! The first ingredients are salt+sugar.)
  • organic canned soups
  • molasses
  • stevia
  • etc.

Now that your kitchen is clean, you are not allowed to bring that crap back in the house. If you feel the need to eat something that is junky, buy a single serving and enjoy it outside of your home. Your kitchen is now a sanctuary and you’re not allowed to taint it!

What is a Food-Like Substance?

A food-like substance is something that pretends to be food, but is just processed, chemically-altered, factory produced, edible substances. Just because it’s edible, doesn’t mean you should eat it. I say:

If it’s a plant: Eat it. If’ it’s made in a plant: Don’t!

All those substances you see on TV are made super cheaply by people who don’t care about your health and only care about money. If it needs to have a label that says its healthy, it’s not. Does an apple have a label that says it’s good for you? No, it doesn’t need it. Does a FiberOne bar have a label that says it good for you? Yes, because it needs it. Isn’t fiber healthy? NOT IF IT COMES FROM A FACTORY! Don’t feed into marketing bullshit. Get real, and get real food. You know what has all the fiber you need in a day? Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Not a sugary, processed, chemically-altered FiberOne bar that will stop up your digestion! Learn this now, and forget all that crap and all those “health-claims.”

ORGANIC PRODUCE DOESN’T NEED A HEALTH CLAIM: YOU KNOW IT IS HEALTHY. Remember this, throw out the crap, and begin your weight loss journey correctly.

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