Busting Fitness Myths 2

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  1. Myth: Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky. 
    1. Truth: Ladies. Please get over this myth right now! You do not have the testosterone or growth factor to create huge, hulky muscles. And if you really wanted that bodybuilder look, you would have to seriously focus on achieving THAT. You would have to eat thousands of calories, lift hundreds of pounds of weights, and dedicate every single meal and the timing of it to create that look. I lift 4x a week, attempt to eat my body weight in protein most days, and eat clean every day, and would have to triple that attempt to get anywhere  CLOSE to looking “muscular” like those pins and bodybuilding women you see. It is seriously a lifestyle, from 8am-8am to get hulky. So stop worrying, lift heavy, and run hard to get a hot bod.

  2. Myth: Ab machines, crunches, planks, and hanging leg raises will sculpt your abs and give you a flat tummy.
    1. Truth: There is a layer of fat over your abs. No matter how many crunches and planks you do, no matter how hard your work your abs, you will never see them unless you lose that fat covering them. Doing those workouts will not let them show. You must change your diet and reduce your calories and lose the fat. So don’t spend more than 5 minutes on abs! Focus on lifting and HIIT cardio.

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  3. Myth: As long as you are sweating, you are losing weight. 
    1. Truth: Sweat has nothing to do with intensity! It is your body’s way of getting rid of heat. Fat is oxidized inside your body, and it is not going to vaporize because you’re sweating. You can walk outside on a super hot day and you will start sweating immediately; this doesn’t mean you are losing weight. You can sit in a sauna for 20 minutes, but all you are losing is water weight which you must replace. Your body is 75% water, after all. Your body is just keeping cool. Hard work and a good diet makes you lose weight, not the amount of sweat you pour.

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  4. Myth: You can spot reduce your problem areas like lower belly and love handles.
    1. TruthThere is NO SUCH THING as spot-reducing. Your body chooses where to lose fat as it pleases; you  can’t make it lose fat in a certain area. You can create muscle in a certain area if only working out that area. For example, if all you did was biceps curls for 6 weeks, you’d only have stronger, bigger biceps, not stronger legs or back.

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  5. Myth: Light weights with plenty of reps will give you lean muscle tone.
    1. TruthLeanness and muscle mass comes from challenging your muscles. If you are lifting a 5-lb purse daily and then hit the gym and use 5-lb dumbbells to work out, you are not challenging your muscles. There will be no tiny tears to rebuild, resulting in “tone.” Tone means building muscle. You will have to lose the fat over the muscle and gain mass to look lean and sculpted. Leanness and muscle come from low body fat and muscle mass development. Muscles do not “grow longer.” The length of your muscles depends on the length of your limbs/torso. 

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