Busting Fitness Myths

peterYou know what really grinds my gears? Myths. Lies. And Bullshit. I’ve been on a research hunt for the past couple weeks, reading and learning about all the latest studies on fitness, weight loss, and sports nutrition. I’ve come across a lot of claims, a bunch of idiots, and have learned a few great things about fat loss and nutrition. I’ll give you the rundown.


  • Some tools believe that an abstract of a small study (n<20) is going to prove their point. 
  • People believe what marketing companies tell them, no matter what facts are shown.
  • Supplement companies make false claims, or claims made on small, ill-prepared studies.

Things I’ve Learned

  • Fasted training teaches your body to use fat as a fuel more efficiently.
    • This means having an empty stomach for at least 15 hours.
  • Intermittent Fasting can be a very efficient way to lose fat for most people, Type 1 Diabetics excluded.
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) can help a body recover faster and decrease soreness if taken before/during/after an intense workout.
  • A lot of BCAA supplements are sourced from human hair and feathers. (Gross!)
  • There is only one pure company I found, Ajipure, which makes BCAA’s with fermentation.

Not sure about something you’ve heard? Let me research the claim for you. Comment below with any diet/fitness questions! 

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