Cyclone Cup Review


As soon as I saw a new shaker cup was out, I knew I wanted to try it. I use my current blending cup daily, from my morning pre-workout shake to my nightly bottle of lemon water next to my bed. I’ve had mine about a year now, but it is just a large sippy cup. It came with a wire whisk ball, but honestly I lost that a long time ago! It was annoying and hard to clean anyway. Along comes CycloneCup and I had to give it a try. Protein shakes are not the friendliest when it comes to actually blending smoothly. You always get chunks left over and some fun dry-powdery chewing. Even though my Vega protein is delicious, I like it blended!


Color! CycloneCups come in all of these wonderful colors. I love utilizing bright colors when working out. Bright workout clothes, gear, and atmospheres make a workout seem less like work and more like play.



I received a complimentary white cyclone cup from Joe, the marketing manager, this morning. I’m headed into the gym late tonight, so I filled it up with a VegaOne shake for lunch. This cup does what it says it does: blends smoothly without any chunks leftover, no mess, and no popped lid. I’ve got a smooth VegaOne shake by my side. On the bottom I stored some almonds and wasabi peas. (Which I’m regretting now because every time I take a sip I get a jingle and looked at by a nearby co-worker.)

The main drawback of this cup is its weight and size. When I first got it out of the box, I thought, “Well this is a bit clunky.” The actual cup only holds 16oz, but the lid is humungous. The cup part that holds the liquids is a dark grey color instead of clear. Personally, I’d like to see my bright green juice or shake. It has measurements on the side, but I could hardly see them as I poured in my water.

The cap is a bit hard to open and close, but I’m guessing that assists in its special locking system to avoid messes.

I really wanted to love this cup. And I do love that it blends well, no doubt. But the last thing I want to add to my purse or gym bag is a big, heavy weight. I’ll use it for office days, but I doubt I will lug it to the gym or to train. Sorry Cyclone, a redesign is needed.

Bottom Line: It’s functional and it’s environmentally safe. It blends your shake well, which is hard to find among shaker cups. It has added storage for a snack.

Note to DesignerTry and make a lighter and smaller product that performs the same way. Think sleek and sexy.


Question to Readers: What blender cup do you use? Does it leave chunks? 

4 thoughts on “Cyclone Cup Review”

  1. I’ve seen this product before and I agree. It’s far too clunky! I have yet to try the Cyclone Cup (and I’m sure it accomplishes its desired task with the utmost of ease) but the design is severely lacking. I too use the wire whisker bottle (which is now wireless) that I frequently take to the gym, and I honestly can’t envision myself lugging this badboy around from station to station. The cap is MASSIVE! The occasional chunk is not worth the NASA-inspired space age looking fuel cell design. Meh. I think I’ll pass for the time being.

  2. Hi Nicole, love your blog! Thanks for the entertaining and honest review. 🙂 Our shaker cup is designed with durability and quality in mind. The weight of the cup is a testament to the quality of materials used. We wanted to make a product that didn’t warp in the dishwasher, break when dropped on the floor, or contain parts that are easily lost. While at the same time providing the customer with what the product should do best. Mixing ingredients! Thanks again for giving our product a try, and we hope it serves you well for many years to come!

    1. Hey I purchased one for my fiancé and we can not get it open. Is there a trick to opening the lid?

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