Make Sustainable Resolutions

mbsWhen making your resolutions this year, don’t focus on 30 day weight loss programs, limited-time only classes, or restricting yourself 100% from one thing or another. Don’t just focus on January; focus on the entire year. 

Make short term goals of 30 days, medium goals of 90 days, and long term goals for year’s end. (I’m personally making a 12-slide slideshow and making a goal for each month. Each slide contains photos, details, quotes, and other inspirations. I don’t have them all filled in yet, and that’s important. Goals change depending on what you accomplish as you go.)

If you want your health resolution to last, make it something you can follow for the rest of your life. Don’t do some stupid challenge that only lasts 30 days; what will you do after? Find what entertains you, exercises you, and stimulates your mind. Stick to that, and watch it work its magic.

Don’t completely cut out a food group like carbs or fat, because those are essential for life! Just focus on the healthy versions, like whole or sprouted grains, and plant-based fats from nuts and avocados.  Here is a great pdf by Brendan Brazier on clean eating: Thrive Forward 101

You see all over the net… “These 3 Moves Will Sculpt Your Arms” … “30 days to a Ripped Body” … “Get a Rockin’ Booty in 10 Easy moves.”

These things are falsely-marketed fitness plans. You won’t do them every day for the rest of your life. You may attempt the first two weeks, and then you’ll be too sore, crawling on the ground, crying from pain, and not try again until next year. This is why you need to find what works for you.

Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, not some 30 day program to lose 10lbs. When people finish diets and lose their weight, they go back to their old habits and ways. They think that since they lost all that weight, they can go back to their favorite fatty, fried foods.

If you keep eating that way, your body is going to stay that way.

Chances are, if you keep telling yourself, “I’m so unhappy, fat, and stressed.” Then you will stay that way. What you think; You become. Mind over Matter. You must make up your mind before trying to change your body.

You have to CHANGE what you are doing forever to get sustainable, lasting results.

All of these pins, articles, and tweets you see are just blowing smoke up your ass! You’re not going to get a six pack in a month if you are 200 pounds. You’re not going to be shredded after a 30 day diet and workout program if you’re more than 20lbs over weight. Those “7 supplements” are not going to burn fat if you’re sitting all day, munching on pretzels and vending machine crap. That commercial about the new “Lose Weight Fast” pill isn’t going to help you just because they show a skinny actress. Research weight loss pills scientific articles. The fine print always says, “Results show with proper diet and exercise.” Guess what? A healthy diet and exercise is helping you, not some caffeine pill (that gives you jitters and makes you pee every 30 minutes!).

It takes hard work, dedication, a plant-based, low-calorie diet to seriously change your body. Scarfing down pounds of chicken and white rice is not going to get you where you want to be. Take it from someone who personally reads and tests these bizarre diets, workouts, and claims! It’s all false.

How did I get to the best shape of my life? Five – six days of weight lifting and cardio, burning 500+ calories a day, eating salads as meals, organic proteins, and forgetting about sugar and desserts. It’s not so hard to lose weight, but to be truly fit, you need to stay consistent. If I go one week, only 7 days, without a hard-hitting routine that makes me sweat and burn, I’ll become weaker, slower, and fatigued.

Health and wellness is a commitment. A Lifestyle. A dedication. A daily task. Like brushing your teeth, you must think and “do health” everyday. Sure, I have dessert, lattes, and pizza. But I always fit them into my health plan. I don’t get extra cheese. I always opt for the “sugar-free skinny soy” latte, and make sure my dessert fits into my overall calorie goals. Even my cocktails are “skinny.”

You can enjoy life. No doubt about it. I love food and drinks. But if you truly want to be healthy, happy, and fit this year, you need to change your attitude, toughen up, and grow some courage. Stop believing myths like “Carbs are bad” and “Weights make you bulky” and that it only takes 30 days to be a skinny mini. Everything depends on where you start, your level of dedication, your daily diet, and your ending goal.

Contact me if you need some help. It’s always free.  

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