Why People Hire A Personal Trainer

Most people hire a personal trainer for weight loss. Of course I have special cases where some are looking to improve their athletic performance or train for a marathon, but most people (including those) want to lose weight.

The one thing I can’t control as a personal trainer is what my client eats. And what grinds my gears the most is this very concept. The number one myth about personal training and getting your butt kicked 3+ times per week is that you can eat what ever you want and not worry, because you worked it off with your trainer. WRONG.

Here is the secret to being healthy. It’s not a 6 minute shake weight video. It’s not a HCG pill. And it’s not even a cleanse. Spoiler Alert…

It’s DIET AND EXERCISE. You see that “and” there. You can’t have one without the other. If you want to be thin, fit, healthy, you need to combine a healthy diet with daily exercise.

A high 90% of weight loss is due to changing your diet. And when I say diet, I don’t mean a 14-day salad meal plan. I mean the diet you eat every day for the rest of your life. You must change this to lose weight. And you can’t ever “go back to normal” because your “normal” got you where you are now – fat and probably sick.

Being overweight is connected to a plethora of diseases, including the number one killer: Coronary Heart Disease. By sticking to the Standard American Diet (SAD) you are killing yourself by every morsel you put into your mouth. So stop it!

When you eat food you have two choices: to shorten your life or to extend your life. With my help, you can extend your life, lower (or obliterate) your risk of disease and illness, and feel amazing. You will gain energy, clear your cloudy thoughts, and heal faster. You will get sick less often, diminish headaches, and pretty much everything else that is bugging you. Constipation, indigestion, heart burn, frequent colds –  all of that can be cured by changing your diet.

Now I could be like one of those stupid commercials or video pop-ups you see everywhere on the internet that goes on and on about how they have the secret to help you lose weight but you have to buy their product first to see how.

Stop watching those videos, and listen right now. It is simple to lose weight. It is simple to get healthy. All you have to do is use your common sense. Eat food that your great grandmother would recognize as food.

No more genetically modified crap. No more factory-processed nonsense. Grow a garden to see where REAL food comes from. And start eating it.

Stop filling your body with pesticides, poisons, and medications that are only truly making you sicker. You think that high cholesterol med is helping you? Nope. It’s just putting a band-aid on something that is never going to heal unless you change today.

No more gimmicks. No more games. No more pills. Contact me today to change your life for the better. Stop dieting. Stop “trying everything out there” and not having it work. Stop it! And start email me.Right.Now. Check out my nutrition page and look at my services. Decide to become healthy today.

Do it for yourself. (You deserve it!)  Do it for your family. Be a role model for your kids (or future kids). And let Me help You.

Best Health,



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