Weight Loss Journey: Behavior Change #2

“Eat food, not food-like substances.” 

Behavior change number one was to start reading labels. Now let’s move on to something tangible.

Behavior change number two is to add in organic produce. Organic produce doesn’t have pesticides and is not genetically modified like conventional produce. Organic produce will fight diseases; conventional produce will feed them.

By adding in good stuff, your body will start to get used to the amount of vitamins and nutrients you are feeding it, and it will crave more.

Let me tell you a personal story that proves this. When my boyfriend and I moved in together, we had huge differences in our eating habits.  He didn’t eat breakfast, ate Boar’s Head sandwiches for lunch, and had a Lean Cuisine for dinner. He was definitely in shape and seemed perfectly healthy, but I slowly showed him the “problems” in his ways.

Instead of banning his types of food from the house, I started cooking for him and offering healthy, organic meals. I would make my healthy french toast or chick’n and waffles for breakfast. Lunch included pita pizzas and hummus wraps. Snacks were chopped veggies and fruit. For dinner, I made salads into meals by adding grilled chicken. Dessert was soy vanilla ice cream in stevia-sweetened root beer. By the first week’s end, he started craving my salads and asked if I could please make them. He wanted to know where the chopped veggies were, and asked for more celery. I never thought I could get that freezer empty from those sodium-filled tiny trays, but I did! And if I’m not home, or feeling too lazy to make dinner, he’ll enjoy a low-cal one by himself that is full of lean proteins and veggies.

The moral of the story here is that, even a manly-man, who played lacrosse throughout high school, can now love a salad for dinner. (As long as I add in a tablespoon of dried cranberries, he’ll devour my grilled protein salads!) So even though he was perfectly healthy before, he now sees food in a different light, knows how to read labels, and has hopped on the organic train with me. We are fighting disease together by eating together. It’s simple additions that lead to an overall lifestyle change. And now we get to bond over meals and feel great together, knowing we are extending our lives and avoiding disease.

Head to the store, fill up your cart with all your favorite seasonal fruits and veggies, and get your weight loss journey off to a great start. It’s the first day of Fall, and a great time to start getting healthy.

If you need any help getting started,  you can head on over to check out my meal plan.  If you need recipe help, just email me. Give me your ingredients, and I’ll  give you a healthy recipe. It’s all included!

Bonus: These changes are not just for weight loss, because you could do that in numerous ways. But this plan is to increase your overall health, fight the top five fatal diseases, and cure your ailments you are currently taking medications for. Say goodbye to that handful of pills once and for all.  High blood pressure, cholesterol meds, and heartburn will be a thing of the past. Just follow my blogs, read my daily tips, and sign up for my membership. You will not regret it.

Boars Head: Isn’t it natural? No. Processed meats, lunch meats, cured meats, and sausages are cancer-causing. The way they are processed into their final products means adding in carcinogenic dyes, preservatives, and nitrates. If you like to eat meat, choose local, organic sources. Eat lean meats that are right off the bone, such as boneless, skinless, chicken breast, wild or sustainably farmed salmon, and grass-fed organic beef.  Try a farmer’s market, health food store, or Trader Joe’s for these options.

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