A Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey

Believe it or not, even trainers go through a weight loss journey.

As a child I was overweight. I was active and loved playing outside, jumping on the trampoline, running around, riding bikes, and hiking hills. But I grew up in a low income household eating junk food to sustain myself, and it did not help my health…or weight. Little Debbie was my best friend and brownies were my breakfast.

Although I was constantly running around all day, I couldn’t out-play my bad diet. And neither can you.

Today I am a fit person inside and out, from a low body fat percentage to a strong physique. I decided to make a change at age 17 after taking a nutrition course in college. It opened my eyes and motivated me to help others and now I couldn’t imagine turning around to that lifestyle.

Since then, I’ve taken many years of education dedicated to being and making the best bodies, minds, and souls.

Everyday we both must pay attention to every morsel, every bite, and every drink we put in our body. By having control of what we put in our bodies, we have control of how they look and feel. 

With proper behavioral changes, we can gain that control and will power. And with the support of a team, a social network of people, and each other, we can do it.

If you’re interested in starting your weight loss journey, click on over to here.

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