Why Interval Strength Training is Right For You

What is Interval Strength Training?

High intensity exercises for set periods of time and rests. For example, a 1-minute interval of squat jumps with a rest period of 15-seconds and then a 45-second set of  shoulder press-bicep curls and another 15-second rest. The intervals keep your heart rate up and the exercises increase your muscle mass.

In this day and age there is a machine and gadget for every type of muscle movement.

You may have seen these crazy late-night fitness gadgets and thought, “Well that looks like an easy way to get fit.”

You don’t need a gimmick that comes for 5 easy payments of 29.95. It will gather dust in your broom closet after you realize it does absolutely nothing for your body. You need a better body and healthier lifestyle, and I’m here to help you get it.

Is my program right for you?  If you want to burn fat, raise your metabolism, burn more calories at rest, build muscle, build strength, and lose weight, then YES, this is right for YOU. My method is scientifically proven. I didn’t just pull it out of my magic trainer’s hat, it is backed by years of research.

When you get into a workout, your mind does not like counting reps, but when I say, “Ten more seconds,” you quickly realize you’re almost done and push it up a notch. This benefits you, your body, and me as a trainer. I’m able to push you harder so you get what you want faster.

Another great thing about Interval Strength Training is that it is fool proof against adaptation. Adaptation means your body becomes efficient at one activity and it takes less energy to do that one exercise, making you burn less calories. For example, if your workout consists of going to the gym, running 20 minutes on the treadmill and doing the circuit of machines, you will adapt very quickly; within 14 days to be exact.

When you do something new that challenges your mind and muscles, you burn max calories and gain strength. This is why having an educated trainer is so vital. There aren’t posters in the gym that tell you these facts, or show you how to avoid your pitfalls. There aren’t flyers telling you why you’ve stopped losing weight, or why you’ve even gained a few pounds back after working out for 2 months. I’m here for that, and I’m here for YOU.