Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookie Review – All Flavors!

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I love cookies. I love cookies that make you feel less guilty because they have protein in them. Therefore, I love Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies!
Before I say anything else, I need to say this: These cookies are DELICIOUS! You can’t tell they are “protein” cookies at all.

Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies provide 15grams of protein per cookie, with a stifling 2 servings per package. These cookies are HUGE! You can use them as a meal replacement because of the average calorie count (350-450 kcals). And Hello? Who doesn’t want to say, “I had a cookie for breakfast!”

I tried every single flavor, and they come in many.

Double Chocolate tastes like a soft brownie. Yum.

Pumpkin tastes like fresh pumpkin bread.

Lemon Poppyseed reminds me of a fresh lemon tart.

Peanut Butter is like most PB cookies, dense with an almost melt-in-your mouth subtleness.

Oatmeal Raisin is perfect in this Fall weather and I would definitely suggest giving it a little warmth to give you that fresh-baked-raisin bread taste.

And chocolate chip? It’s a chocolate chip cookie with all the best qualities. A great amount of chips, a soft chewy texture, and a delightful non-guilty feeling.

I really love these cookies and would highly suggest them to anyone who loves cookies. My ONLY drawback (if one at all) is that I wanted to eat the complete cookie, but had to share each one, or split it between two days. The high calorie count is something that makes me raise an eyebrow and definitely lets you know: You’re still eating a huge cookie.


I wanted to thank Lenny and Larry’s for their delightful gift of these cookies in exchange for a review, and possible place in my gym! I was not compensated in cash, unless you count cookies as cash. 😉 Hopefully VidaFitness will pick these up next to their Luna and Clif Bars!


Gouter Cleanse Day 1

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.31.19 PM

I’ve been wanting to go on a juice fast/cleanse since I’ve watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It’s about a guy who is more than 100 pounds over weight and is suffering from a plethora of illnesses, pains, and diseases. He decides he wants to be healthy and goes on a 60-day fruit and vegetable cleanse. The movie documents his highs, lows, and everything in between. The main point is that it worked. Watch and see. (It’s free on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc.)

I’ve been suffering from my first-ever real injury in my life. It has been keeping me from doing plenty of things I would normally love to do. I believe highly in natural cures over medicinal ones and truly think that if I commit to healing, it will happen. I will only know if I try, so here I am on my first day of cleansing my body. An all raw and vegan diet has been shown to cure diabetes, reduce and eliminate inflammation (my main source of pain right now), and eradicate toxins in the body. Kriss Carr uses a raw and/or vegan diet to keep her incurable brain cancer from growing or spreading. Organic vegetables can do amazing things for the body and that is why I attempt to keep a clean, plant-based diet on most days. Albeit, I’m human and crave my Newman-O’s, cupcakes, and fried foods, and give in accordingly. For the next 3 days (which is nothing compared to 60!) I’ll use all the discipline I have, all the will power inside, to overcome and focus on healing and cleansing what ever is keeping my body from healing up to 100%.

Of course I know I won’t be healed by Tuesday, but I hope these nutrient packed little tonics help my body take more focus on what it needs, and open my eyes to a whole new level of wellness.

Wish me luck on my journey!

Bulu Box Review #2

Weight Loss Box
Regular Bulu Box

I received two boxes this week! One is my weight loss subscription and one is the normal BuluBox! Here is the rundown of what I thought of each one!

Weight Loss

FlapJacked Protein Pancakes: I haven’t made these because the ingredients include milk. I’m lactose intolerant and don’t consume dairy, so I will make these for the boyfriend when he gets in the mood. He’s more of a cereal or waffles guy, so that may take a while!

EatGreen Tea: This was weird. I opened it up and tried some, but it just tasted exactly like dry green tea! I think it should be more of a snack OR powder to add to smoothies. It simply is loose leaf green tea. This product seems to be having an idendity crisis…or just is trying to pull off marketing of something that is edible, yet not very tasty!

Shapeology Burn Blend: Hello Caffeinne! I’m in a detox-mode right now to help cure my leg injury and reboot my adrenal glands, so I have not indulged in this supplement. It was nice of them to give 14 pills to try. I may take some later, after I’m all healthy, but right now high caffeine dosage is not recommended!

BluCetin: This is VERY interesting! It is an herbal pill that promises to not be a buzz kill, yet prevent you from having a hangover. It says the herb helps you metabolize the alcohol faster (Hello Light Weight and Cheap Drunk) so you will have it processed before you pass out from a night of drinking. Again, not planning on having 5 drinks quite yet, but 4th of July is 2 weeks away and this pill WILL be taken!

Probiotic: I love probiotics and consume many different types. From kombucha, to Kevita, to VegaOne and my multi-vitamin, I support healthy digestion. These will be taken also! You can’t really judge the effect of them since you can’t see your insides, but it’s a nice free sample.

Bulu Box Regular

Theragesic: This actually works. I mean, IcyHot is old as I can remember, and this is another one of those muscle rubs. It definitely lasts at least an hour and warms up where ever you rub it. It has no “icy” sensation, only warm, and I love the menthol smell.

GU Chomps: My boyfriend and I both had one of these “gummies” and it was very chewy. Not quite a gummy bear, not quite a fruit chew, and HUGE. Way too big for my liking. Taste was OKAY. I wouldn’t purchase them.

Shapeology: See above.

PowerFuel: The text on the back of the packet is tiny so it’s really hard to see what is this powder exactly. It promises you will work 1000% time harder than usual, but I don’t see how that is possible. One stick is 45 calories and contains a TON of lab-made ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Not for my taste.

Power Ice: An electrolyte popsicle? Isn’t this a Pedialyte?

I love getting surprises each month! I really like how BuluBox leans more towards natural supplements, even if it includes a few here or there that I won’t ingest. But we’ve all got friends who love gifts now, don’t we? Thanks Bulu! See you next month!


BuluBox Review #1

I’ve received my first BuluBox! Inside were the following items, and this is what I thought about them:

BeautyBursts: Yummy! I like the idea. They come with collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and Collagen enhancer in a soft, berry chew. They are made by NeoCell. And the little triangle packaging is really cute.

Fit n’ Crisp: I couldn’t eat it but I gave it to my boyfriend and he chowed down! He said it was “yummy” and was surprised by the 13grams of protein inside. For 140 calories packed with protein, I think this is a great deal. I definitely be interested to see a soy and milk free similar product! For those who can have soy and milk, I’d suggest trying this treat out!

Fit Mixer Amino: I’m very interested in this amino acid supplement. It’s not only a mix of 5grams aminos, but includes TriFlow which has been shown to increase nitric oxide. (That means you get that vascular PUMP while working out.) To top you off with energy, this supplement comes with 100mg of caffeine from Green Tea extract and Green Coffee extract. I’ll be drinking this tonight during my cardio workout.

Raw Acai Berry Nut Butter: Now I’ve seen these packets in my health food stores, but haven’t tried them yet! I’m so glad I got this one in my BuluBox so I wouldn’t have to choose between all the flavors. It’s 106 calories a pack, and I think would go great on top of toast.

AllerDx: I’ve never seen an herbal cure to allergies except for a spoonful of raw, local honey. This supplement is all-vegetarian and herbal sources to immeidately cure symptoms from allergies. It claims to restore nasal airflow, calm histamine reaction, and is non-drowsy and stimulant free. I don’t personally have a huge issues with spring allergies, but I do find that long walks throughout the city can make my eyes dry and nose runny. I think it’s great that there is a holistic cure for allergies, since so many people turn towards stimulants and Benadryl as soon as the season starts.

I’ve got a year long subscription, so stay tuned to see what comes in next month’s box! If you want to try it FREE with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Enter code BULUGAN143 at checkout for a free 1-month subscription. Enjoy!

Question: Do you subscribe to anything related to health? Magazines? Boxes? Supplements?