BuluBox Review #1

I’ve received my first BuluBox! Inside were the following items, and this is what I thought about them:

BeautyBursts: Yummy! I like the idea. They come with collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and Collagen enhancer in a soft, berry chew. They are made by NeoCell. And the little triangle packaging is really cute.

Fit n’ Crisp: I couldn’t eat it but I gave it to my boyfriend and he chowed down! He said it was “yummy” and was surprised by the 13grams of protein inside. For 140 calories packed with protein, I think this is a great deal. I definitely be interested to see a soy and milk free similar product! For those who can have soy and milk, I’d suggest trying this treat out!

Fit Mixer Amino: I’m very interested in this amino acid supplement. It’s not only a mix of 5grams aminos, but includes TriFlow which has been shown to increase nitric oxide. (That means you get that vascular PUMP while working out.) To top you off with energy, this supplement comes with 100mg of caffeine from Green Tea extract and Green Coffee extract. I’ll be drinking this tonight during my cardio workout.

Raw Acai Berry Nut Butter: Now I’ve seen these packets in my health food stores, but haven’t tried them yet! I’m so glad I got this one in my BuluBox so I wouldn’t have to choose between all the flavors. It’s 106 calories a pack, and I think would go great on top of toast.

AllerDx: I’ve never seen an herbal cure to allergies except for a spoonful of raw, local honey. This supplement is all-vegetarian and herbal sources to immeidately cure symptoms from allergies. It claims to restore nasal airflow, calm histamine reaction, and is non-drowsy and stimulant free. I don’t personally have a huge issues with spring allergies, but I do find that long walks throughout the city can make my eyes dry and nose runny. I think it’s great that there is a holistic cure for allergies, since so many people turn towards stimulants and Benadryl as soon as the season starts.

I’ve got a year long subscription, so stay tuned to see what comes in next month’s box! If you want to try it FREE with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Enter code BULUGAN143 at checkout for a free 1-month subscription. Enjoy!

Question: Do you subscribe to anything related to health? Magazines? Boxes? Supplements? 



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