Becoming A Female Founder

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My hemp spices were featured in FORBES!

Look Mom, I’m in FORBES MAGAZINE! 

Wow, it has been an inspiring few months. In October, my life and business partner Dane Kemp, decided to apply for a Pre-Seed Business Accelerator called The Founder’s Institute. This is a 5-month program that helps you take an idea or start-up to the next level to achieve funding. We have always ran our business out of our pocket and wondered how exactly to close this gap and now we have.

All of the fears and self-limiting beliefs about being a founder, creator, business woman, and girlfriend are officially debunked. I learned that everyone needs help from people smarter than them. Dane reiterated the phrase, “If you’re the smartest one in the room, you’re in the wrong room,” day after day in our business but I never believed it until I saw it. The Founders Institute has millionaire and billionaire mentors who can help you form, build, grow, and scale the business idea of your dreams (if it makes sense!)

Today I’m writing this blog in a moment of peace, the day after Christmas. I took the day off personal training my client to really focus on my goals here in our business. I’m planning out my social media posts and LIVES, since marketing has been our number one downfall. We made the product, we got it out to some people, but we never spent money on real marketing. We’ve done events here and there, podcasts, and lives, but nothing was consistent. I didn’t plan, strategize, and dedicate time each day to marketing and selling my product. I thought, “It’s the best product of it’s kind, why would anyone buy anything else?” The truth is because they’re being TOLD to buy something else!

We do what we’re told… often. Going back to Psychology classes, marketing is persuasive, convincing, and outright deceiving at times. Marketing makes you believe this is the product for me. Because of my knowledge and previous judgements, I thought marketing was lying, a farce, something to look down upon! WOWWWWW a business owner who won’t share her idea? WHAT THE FUCK?!

I’ve created the best raw acidic cannabinoid line to help people live a highly functional life, and have been quiet about it. People are out there hocking CBD-FREE CBD oils at the gas stations, liquour stores, and CVS! I’m in my home with hand-grown turmeric powder and hand-ground down ceremonial matcha wondering why I have no sales.

BECAUSE I’VE BEEN TOO SHY AND QUIET! Here is my word of advice, once you’ve got your amazing idea, product, website, logos, colors, and social media set up – go out there and scream from the rooftops about your passion. Scream about your knowledge and love for your product, lifestyle, and all that comes with it. Be your own PR and Media company. Be your own boss, best friend, and biggest fan. Don’t let doubt and self-limiting beliefs stand in your way. Don’t let them exist. Write them down and burn them in a fire! Now go get it!

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ingredients: hemp, bacopa, matcha, piperine.

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  1. Loved finding you on FB. I’m into the acids as well and talk about the benefits for elders afraid of falling because of the high of THC. It’s a great alternative. And your site is great. I’m waiting for my ew site to go hot with e-commerce. Revvin my engines;)

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