Raw Cannabis for Post Concussion Syndrome


Raw Cannabis for Post Concussion Syndrome

It started with a fall that broke my left zygomatic arch (cheek bone).  I was always insecure about my abilities to be a smart, witty person. But now that I had Post Concussion Syndrome, I was nobody. I was nothing. 

After reading about Dr. William Courtney’s studies and patient success with raw cannabis juice, I had to try it. I bought a top of the line Aerogarden, some vegan nutrients from Amsterdam that had no heavy metals, and began my journey that would lead down a road to a successful business. 

After finally figuring out how to grow cannabis, I began juicing it. I added raw turmeric root on advice from my Ulcerative Colitis doctor from Washington, DC.  I also added raw ginger root to the mix for spice, flavor, and to take away my nausea. I was experiencing extreme nausea and lack of appetite due to my anemia from Ulcerative Colitis.

Five minutes was all it took. My eyes lit up. My brain fog cleared. My stomach digested. And I took a deep breath. The life of the raw cannabinoids, curcumins, gingerols, and basil awakened me from a deep slumber. I knew I had something good. I knew the Doctor was right. 

Cannabis Sativa in raw form,(such as leaves, buds, stalks, and seeds), that have not been heated or extracted, are rich in acidic cannabinoids. 

This means the normal THC and CBD numbers you are looking for will reflect as THCA and CBDA. Look at the image below to see how cannabinoids change over time and with environment. 

The amazing thing about acidic cannabinoids is their ability to be soluble in water. This increases the body’s ability to use the cannabinoids by 92%! This means if you drink cannabis juice, or ingest raw whole plant cannabis powder found in Eva’s capsules, your body will be given the opportunity to absorb 98% of your ingested cannabinoids. With a fat soluble tincture or cap, your body will be given a chance of 6-12% total absorption. That means you’re losing up to 92% of your nutrients. 

Would you buy a coffee from Starbucks if you had to pour out 94% of it before taking your first sip? So then why waste money on CBD oil tinctures?  


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