Gouter Cleanse Day 2


Today was a hard day. I worked from 7am to 845pm and am exhausted! The juices were great and I didn’t get hungry until 5pm. By the time I got home at 848pm, I was STARVING! I ended my day with the tiny raw salad (sprouted split peas, golden beets, apples, cabbage) that came as an option as Juice 6. I’ve got tomorrow off from work (Thank goodness!) and plan on sleeping a ton.

I may not feel very hungry, but I am very lethargic, tired, and just plain hangry. I’m never an angry person and am very patient, but these past couple days my anger has been coming out of me like the toxins! Anger is a toxin too, right?

Last night I hit the sauna for 30 minutes and felt very nauseous. Detoxing is supposed to be torture…I hope. I eat healthy 80% of the time so I figured I didn’t have too many toxins, but I guess something is making me feel so tired besides the lack of normal calories.

Laying in the sun felt amazing. In the image above, I was laying in the sun taking my 20minutes before my 9am session and could have laid there all day. Taking time to yourself is vital. I know this to be true, and you do too, yet we all get involved and overwhelmed with work and life. We fill up our calendars with social events, traveling, and work, and forget to schedule “me-time.”

Tomorrow I see the doctor and hope she gives me two refferals: One for an MRI, one for a specialist. I need to know how to cure this thing! Positive thoughts, juicing, and fasting may not exactly be the right answer.

Yes I am detoxing my body of toxins, eating/drinking a very low calorie diet, and hoping for some weight loss. But when it comes down to it, I gained weight because I was snacking too much and not working my lower body (the calorie burners).

I think this juice cleanse is a great wake-up call to get me back on track of a mostly raw-vegan diet. It has me reading my nutrition books, paying attention to myself,  how my body feels, and writing recipes again. It has me wishing I had more time in the kitchen to prep my foods, prepare my fridge, and get my mind straight. Simply check out My Pantry and see how I eat when I’m focused and well.

I’ll finish my 5 juices tomorrow and end my cleanse with my high protein black bean pasta and a BUNCH of fresh, raw, fruits and veggies. Seen Here: http://instagram.com/p/a4ign3pTjX/

Organic Black Bean Pasta (Black beans, water), Avocado, Lime juice, Corn, Scallions, Cilantro, Tomato, and Fresh Jalapenos! (Daiya and Vegan Sour Cream on top)

Good night!!



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