Cleanse Conclusion

IMAG1845It’s over! So I made it 2.5 days of a 3 day cleanse. Some say I failed…but I am proud of myself! I ended it with a 1/2 vegan burger (lentil, barley, oats) and a big raw salad with just red wine vinegar as a dressing. It was amazing! (Check out Meridian Pint for you all you DC folk.) I would definitely go back JUST for that burger. I had the other half for lunch and it was still very tasty. 🙂

So the cleanse…

Overall, a cleanse is more mental than anything else. You just have to go over the fact of not chewing “real food” for 3 days and find things to keep yourself busy. I only got hungry 2 times: once after working from 7am-5pm and then yesterday at 4pm for my lunch plans to end it.

I really liked how it made me think more about how much, and what, I was putting into my body. I didn’t lose any weight {:( but I think I gained some more awareness. I already know how to eat healthy, but regaining awareness is vital to STAY healthy.

Taste: It was very, very tasty! I loved the Gouter tonics and will continue to buy them instead of a smoothie or Starbucks Skinny Soy Latte. They energize you in the best ways, through nourishment instead of stimulation.

Effects: The most obvious effect for me is the mental one. I feel like I pressed the “focus” button on my health views. Over time they were starting to get blurry. I was eating too much overall, and too much sugar/snacks. Even if it was a “vegan cupcake” it was still too much sugar! Of course I will live my life and enjoy my moments, but I am back on the trail of super foods instead of slow foods.

The worst effect for me was the constant fatigue. I felt very tired the whole 3 days, unless I had JUST ingested a juice. Working was extremely hard and I was very irritable and what I like to call hangry. I wasn’t actually hungry, but I always have an appetite!

Would I Do It Again? If it was free, yes.  Cleanses are expensive!  I would actually like to try different cleanses and compare results (Weight loss, awareness, clear head, fatigue, etc.) But only if they are free of charge (but of course I will promote the juices out of them like I have been this one 😉

Conclusion: I will include more raw-vegan foods in my diet, as well as super foods like seaweed, golden berries, camu camu, acai, and those sorts of things. I definitely feel the difference in health. You just feel better!


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