VitaminShoppe Gift Card Giveaway! 2 Winners!

I’ve got good news! I’m officially partnering up with:

Vitamin Shoppe! 

VitaminShoppe is an amazing company in USA and Canada that helps people achieve their ultimate needs for health and wellness. With over 500 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, they can fulfill anyone’s possible demand. I started shopping at VitaminShoppe when I needed extra greens in my diet. Hello Wheat Grass! Have you ever been to one? What’d you go in for? 

 Since we are now officially connected, I will be hosting product reviews, giveaways, and posts regarding their holistic, sports nutrition, and organic products. I’m plant-based so I won’t host any animal products, so keep a lookout for ultimately healthy products! I will provide you with full-fledge honest opinions and results of whatever I encounter. So get ready for some fun reviews. I won’t let you down! I’m not getting paid per post, but am happy to try out products, give reviews, and promote a great company. Experience and knowledge are key in any industry, so I thank VitaminShoppe for giving me this opportunity to promote and educate the masses on health and health products. Cheers!

The Giveaway

The Prizes: Two $25 Gift Cards



How To Enter:

  1. Like My Facebook Business Page
  2. Follow Me On Twitter
  3. Follow VitaminShoppe on Twitter
  4. Follow this Blog
  5. Comment below telling me one way how you are bettering yourself through mind, body, or soul.
  6. Be sure to include in your comment that you did the first 4 steps! I will be checking each one!
  7. Enter with a super easy form by clicking here! 



12 thoughts on “VitaminShoppe Gift Card Giveaway! 2 Winners!”

  1. First of all i did the first 4 steps :).
    this year i have been trying to improve my mind and my body. i was diagnosed wwith bipolar disorder when i was 15 and now im 21 and one of my goals is to be able to leave all of my medicines and achive mental balance through food and excersice and healthy living. My doctor told me it was possible so i hope i can achieve it. One of the changes im doing is becoming a vegan now, i have been a vegetarian for a year now and i am ready to leave all the animal products, i am also doing yoga now, wich i love.

  2. I was a heroin addict who’s life revolved around drugs. Having a kid woke me up. My son is almost three and I have full custody and am 100% sober. I keep a clean mind/body/soul by spending most of my time with my son or at the gym when I’m not working.

    1. Thank you for your honest and heartfelt comment, Josh. I’m so happy to hear you have chosen a life of health and love over that old one. It’s amazing what working out and focusing on family can do for a person. Exercise will supply you with all the excitement you need and your son will give you full joy. Good Luck in the drawing and take care!

  3. Did all the steps 🙂
    I am planning to better myself by achieving a more proportional body. I will try and knock off my first show by the end of this year 🙂 there by giving me experience. Yup

  4. I have completed the first 4 steps.

    I had a rough year in 2012 which hindered any results I could have achieved in terms of physical health. My focus this year is to stay clear of anything that will cause any sort of negative effects on my body and mind. The first month of this year is almost over, and so far I have been able to balance my education with my personal life along with my fitness lifestyle. I feel as though this will be a good, well-rounded year.

    1. Glad to hear it. If you need any help with nutrition or fitness, I’ll be glad to be at your service. First time is free! 🙂 Email me on my contact page anytime. Good Luck!

  5. I frequent the gym four days a week, combining complete strength training with cardiovascular exercises. My calorie intake is almost always under 1,500, occasionally ducking in under the thousand calorie mark. I try to eat organic whenever possible. I’ve slowly shifted from to a diet that highlights fruits and vegetables over meat and dairy. While I certainly cannot envision a future without the intermittent pepperoni pizza, I try to infuse as much wholesome nutrition as possible in between my delicious bouts with comfort food. I make a conscious effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle but convenience and indolence are always barking my name. I never like forcing a trip to the gym. Sometimes a physical break is an exceptionally rewarding mental break. Balance. Balance. Balance.

    I’ve completed the first four steps.

  6. I completed all steps. I deal with PTSD daily from being a survivor. I struggle physically, mentally and emotionally, but lovingly and self-sacrificingly awaken each day to care for my twins alone. I strive to be their life coach, advocate and champion. I am back in school because I am committed to continuous education. I have applied to Grad school for the Fall. I work in and around my home to keep it zen-like and cook, as much as possible, organic, healthful meals for our little family. I bike and/ or walk daily. We volunteer, pray and meditate as a family. We take our vitamins. We maintain peace and bliss in our home environment, which we can control. I am the referee (balance [equity, evenness] in this world is a myth perpetrated by a lie) so when conflicts to our life and beliefs arise and I make the final call on behalf of our family.

  7. I did the first 4 steps!
    First, congrats on your partnership with Vitamin Shoppe. That’s awesome. Sharing your ideas via an online blog is a great thing.
    I have bettered myself recently in many different ways. I have been cycling to work and to school, which contributes to a more simple lifestyle. It allows me to get exercise, save on money, and enjoy my surroundings during my commute. It also relaxes me and enables me to look forward to cycling every day. I am also preparing for a long-distance self-sustained bicycle touring trip through the states.
    Also, I have been eating oatmeal with natural honey and a banana every morning. This is an all natural and cheap breakfast which tastes good and is also good for you. Eating breakfast is definitely important, and gives me energy throughout the day (I didn’t used to eat any breakfast).

    1. Thank you Matt!! Good for you. That sounds like a delightful “me time” as you ride to/from work. I love quinoa flakes, banana, and almond butter, so that sounds similar to your breakfast. Yum!

  8. Did all four steps 🙂

    I am bettering myself this year by trying to be more confident with myself when it comes to my education. I usually tend to stress myself out by thinking to much and worrying about what I have done wrong rather than what I have done right. I believe by being more confident I will relieve myself from stress and have a more relaxed time during my time in college. I hope by doing so I will get more sleep and have a better understanding of my school work. I am really looking forward to achieving this which will help me achieve a successful school year 🙂

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