Day Dreams Made Into Reality


What makes you happy? What is your life goal? When you’re sitting there working super hard and daydreaming, what is that dream?

My dream is to be able to spend as much time with my family and friends, without worrying about bills to pay, laundry to do, and shelves to dust. I want to live a worry-free life, where I can help others who truly need it, rescue all the animals I see fit, and eat locally-sourced organic food.

What is yours?

To reach this goal, I will have to make a commitment, be in control, and have courage to go beyond the limits of normal. 

I want to find my bliss and you should too. It’s not unrealistic. You can’t fail if you keep trying. So start today.

Start by being mindful of every moment you have. Are you wasting it? We all waste time, but why aren’t we using that time? Why aren’t we spending that time; after all, time is money. A lot of us know what we dream of, but don’t quite know how to get there. I fall privy to this very evil almost daily. I want so much, attempt to do the very thing I think will bring me to my bliss and don’t quite reach it. But I try, try again. Because at least if I’m trying, I’m not failing.

We must connect our mind, our will power, our inner strength to push our bodies to the place we want them to be. What will it take? Find that out, write it down, and start working on it.

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