The Fat Burning Zone

The “Fat Burning Zone” theory encourages you to work at 55-65% of your max heart rate. The assumption is that your body is drawing its energy predominantly from fat calories. But this is WRONG! It is time to put this myth to rest.

When you want to lose fat, total calorie burn is what matters. Your body is either drawing on carbs, fat, or protein. When you are running and using a lot of oxygen, your body is using carbohydrates (sugar/glucose/glycogen) and fat to make you run. When you’re resting, like watching T.V, your body is using fat stores to help you survive. This is where the myth comes from. Yes it is true, at low-intensity you are using more fat to carbs in the ratio, but overall are burning LESS calories, which means burning LESS fat!

When you pump up to a High Intensity Workout you are using more carbs and more fat. This means you are burning MORE CALORIES overall, and burning MORE FAT overall, in turn means losing more weight. So throw that myth out of the window, burn more calories overall in your workouts, and lose weight faster. Please spread the word by using the share buttons below.

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