Sweet Tooth – Bitter Tooth

Confession#1: I have a huge sweet tooth.

Confession#2: I have a huge bitter tooth.

I crave sweets, candy, chocolate, sugar, pies, cake, whipped cream, ice cream, and well, you get the point. We all get cravings but they are just psychological. We can control them.

I crave spicy arugula, kale, brocoli, grape leaves, spinach, black coffee, and pretty much everything that goes in a salad.

Funny thing is, when you start to eat cleanly, you start to crave those healthy foods you are loading up on. I’ve recently discovered my “bitter tooth” to be quite helpful in my healthy eating. It’s not always “bitter” but just plain vegetables. Some are sweet like carrots and some are spicy like jalapenos. Altogether though, my body wants healthy food and yours will too, once you start to be consistent with your clean diet. If you’re interested in starting a clean lifestyle, contact me today. Why not right now?

When you consistently eat healthy, indulging in junk food or alcohol makes you sick. I can handle some organic baked goods or some tofu mousse, but having real, processed white bread or sugar makes me slow, nauseas, and full of headaches. On the other hand, fruit, which is technically sweet and sugary, does not make me sick. The sugar is natural, organic, and straight from nature. It’s full of nutrients and fiber. I love it. ^_^

Do you have a sweet or bitter tooth? 

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