Simple Steps to Fight Holiday Bulge

Holidays: A time to see family you never see and enjoy a buffet of homemade food that took “blood, sweat, and tears” to make. After sitting down for 2 hours and feasting, you feel like you’re going to explode and fall asleep at the same time. This isn’t healthy, to say the least.You figure you’ll lose all the extra poundage after your New Year’s Resolution in January that you keep for 3 weeks, and then realize you’re too lazy and have to go through canceling your gym membership. That’s fun. As you sit inside going through all this paperwork to cancel something you talked yourself into 3 weeks before, your car gets towed because it’s been there for more than an hour. Now you not only have to pay the “early termination” fee, but the cab fee, towing fee, parking ticket, and impound fee. YAY!  Let’s not go through that. And yes, that’s a true story! (Not mine.)  I’ve got the facts and tips you’ll need to fight that holiday bulge, enjoy your family time, and even eat some healthy comfort foods! Read on…

Here are the facts: Simple. Clean. Cut.

  • Fact #1: People overestimate how much they think others (and themselves) gain during the holidays. They THINK they gain 3-5lbs.
  •  Fact #2: On average, people gain the most of 0.8 pounds! Not even a whole pound! 
  • Fact #3: They continue to gain that weight each year, not losing it ever, and that weight accumulates making them THINK they gained it all during the holidays. So by the end of the year, because of celebrating various year-round holidays, birthdays, and other occasions, they have gained 3-5 pounds…and continue to gain it year after year. (It’s not just Thanksgiving and Christmas.) Gaining weight is a year-long process.
  • Fact #4: To avoid gaining weight over the holidays, eat holiday meals like you would any other: Make a regular sized dinner plate of food and enjoy a tiny portion of dessert if you have the “extra” calories to spare.  (So keep your total calories the same, even if you’re eating holiday-styled food. Just figure out the calories of each, and eat a small portion of it.)
  • Fact #5: Continue exercising normally, even if it is snowing outside, so you are still burning calories like normal, and still losing weight/ staying healthy and fit.
It’s pretty simple. Calories in and calories out. YEP! That’s the secret to weight loss. Math.
Eating is like spending money from your bank account. If you overdraft (eat too many calories) then you get a penalty (gain weight). I’m sure you’ve heard this simile before.  So what else can you do?I make healthy versions of holiday foods. Like instead of adding butter and sugar to things, enjoy their natural sweetness. I’ll work on my holiday recipes for you and get them out soon!

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PS: If you’re receiving personal training from me, or want tips on exercising to burn extra calories during the holidays, send me a message or comment below with your return email.

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