Why You Feel Like Sh*t When Starting a Clean Diet

You’ve decided to lose weight. You’ve changed your diet to rid the junk. And you’ve started exercising to your limits. You’re losing weight and feeling great. You’re doing everything right possible, and BAM! You start to feel terrible. Why would you continue on a path that is making you feel like shit? Well, let me tell you this.

It’s not the new diet that is making you sick, it’s the old one.

Sugary sodas, fatty chips, cheesy crackers, candy, flavored sweets, cakes, cookies, and pops. Jelly, pork and beans, white bread, ice cream, frozen yogurt, fluffy pancakes, bacon, sausage, processed lunch meats and cheeses, muffins, pie, pudding, and cheese puffs.  You love them and you can’t get enough of them.

They store toxins in your body…in your fat cells to be exact. When you change your diet and start exercising, you are emptying those fat cells, and releasing those toxins. Where do they go? They get released into your blood. Your blood reaches every part of your body, which means so do these toxins. And that is what makes you feel like throwing up, sleeping, and not caring about salads.

Also, when you’re making drastic changes, your stress hormones rise, making you feel even worse. This is why in my Weight Loss Journey Behavior Steps, I give you time to change. One a week! Therefore, your body has time to adapt to the changes, keeping your hormones level, and detoxing slowly. When you do it quickly, your body will feel like crap for a couple days. You’ll need to rest up, clean out your liver (where toxins go through), and drink so much water that you have to pee every 20 minutes. Seriously.

Flush it out! This herbal detox tea that will clean your liver and other organs. Yes, herbs work. What do you think people used before medicine? Do NOT eat the junk food because it will reverse the detox process and put you back where you started. I know how bad you want to quit and how badly this is making you feel, but that’s your past haunting you. It’s torturing you for all that torture you did to it.

The other ways to release toxins are by having bowel movements (poop!), sweating, and breathing. Eat lots of greens (a huge bowl of steamed brocoli, kale, or spinach each night) so you will release toxins when you wake up.  Engage in aerobic activities that make you breath heavily and sweat lots. Running, dancing vigorously, cycling, plyometrics, jump roping, kickboxing, and other types of cardio are great.

Hint: If you have access to a sauna, use it. Your skin is your largest organ that has pores to release toxins. Sweat. It. Out! Just make sure you drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated. 

Bottom Line: You will feel like crap when your toxins are being released. You’ll drink so much water you’ll want to just pee your pants. And you’ll sweat so much you’ll need a towel. It won’t last forever. Soon you will be right back on your feet and feeling the burn, tasting the greens, and smiling through it. You’ll see amazing results, feel like a million bucks, and never go back to your old ways. Good luck!

Best Health,


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