Childhood Education: The Next Billion Dollar Industry

This article is an emotional response to Dave Holt’s “How to Fix the US Public School System.” 

Education has always been a passion of mine since the school was a safe haven from my hectic home life. Before I was 5, my mom had an emotional PTSD breakdown, and before I was 10 my dad was addicted to cocaine, and the entire time they were both full-blown alcoholics running a household of 4 kids on less than 40grand/year.  I had 3 older siblings who didn’t care for my rainbow energy, finding me as the annoying little sister.

My home was a hell unless I was locked in my room, lost in a book. When I was little The Berenstain Bears, How to Give a Mouse a Cookie, and Goosebumps were my best friends. I loved walking to the library and checking out the max number of books to haul home.


I grew up an hour north of Los Angeles California and went to public school until eighth grade. After grade 8, I went to a public charter school once a week to take a test for the next 2.5 years to graduate High School. Once I was 17, I began community college aching for more knowledge and a promise to get out of this wretched small desert town. I graduated from community college with a Regent’s Honor’s Award and went to UC Irvine on a full scholarship. I did it, I got out of that small town and had my life paid for because of my dedication to knowledge. I completed my Bachelor’s degree with Honors and then decided to stop my education because I didn’t want to begin paying for it and going into debt without a promise of a job. I became a personal trainer and found success telling others how to live a healthier lifestyle.


After all of that education, I ended up using my $500 certificate from NASM to make the most money I ever have in my life as a personal trainer in Washington, DC. It taught me that climbing a ladder was not the way to wealth and happiness. Grinding could get you money, but you only have so many hours in a day. The goal is to get your money working for you in such that you’re an owner instead of an operator. My goal was to become a gym owner but a fall down a flight of stairs reset my path. (Read my other blogs for more on that.)  Back to education…

Mr. Futurist pushes creativity, freedom of expression, and correct timing of subjects during development. I especially appreciate this sentiment by David, “I also believe the study of philosophy and stretching the mind with some amazing ideas should be part of a 7th and 8th-grade educational curriculum,” because ages 12-14 were the most emotional, hormonal years of my life and I would have appreciated Plato, Nietzsche, and Kant.

I agree with the views of Rudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophic medicine.  Wikipedia calls him and his ideas “quackery,” but clearly needs an edit. Here is the scientific article that came out proving one of Steiners theories:


In 1932, Bremer of Harvard filmed the blood in the very early embryo circulating in self-propelled mode in spiralling streams before the heart was functioning. Amazingly, he was so impressed with the spiralling nature of the blood flow pattern that he failed to realize that the phenomena before him had demolished the pressure propulsion principle. Earlier in 1920, Steiner, of the Goetheanum in Switzerland had pointed out in lectures to medical doctors that the heart was not a pump forcing inert blood to move with pressure but that the blood was propelled with its own biological momentum, as can be seen in the embryo, and boosts itself with “induced” momenta from the heart.  He also stated that the pressure does not cause the blood to circulate but is caused by interrupting the circulation. Experimental corroboration of Steiner’s concepts in the embryo and adult is herein presented. – “THE HEART IS NOT A PUMP: A REFUTATION OF THE PRESSURE PROPULSION PREMISE OF HEART FUNCTION by Dr. Ralph Marinelli, et al.”


The problem with US education is that it trains our minds to be employees, and employees are in the rat race that can never be won. They are training us to become depressed, hopeless individuals, listen to authority, and jump when told to do so. Are we lab rats in a grand experiment and accepting the role, or are we conscious beings looking up at our system and asking, “Why are we living this way?”

2018 has brought Donald Trump, Global Environmental Destruction, and the high likelihood of a nuclear war to destroy Earth. These are all reasons to start rethinking education. Our kids are the future after all, right?


Do you want your child to survive in this hostile world, or do you want your child to be a big part of changing it for the better? It is only a matter of time before the old white dudes controlling this all die out. I’m not planning on having children, so I’m here to support all of the parents who need it.

I’m currently teaching English 8-12 hours a day online to kids in China, on Beijing Time. I make an average of $17/hour. The real money is not in teaching, but owning the business.

They are learning a new language and culture during their Summer break. I don’t know one American kid who is doing anything like this VIPKID program.

I’m seeking app developers and education specialists, teachers and moms, and fellow futurists to create an application that can be spread worldwide to give enlightening, positive education to all children. I’m seeking investors who believe in education through the web, employed on a mass scale, with instant access to classes and a rainbow of teachers.

The app will transcend languages, cultures, and ideas, sharing teacher lessons from all over the world. I’ve always wanted to own a school so that I could give an amazing curriculum. That school will be in the cloud.

If you want to collaborate on this billion dollar education idea, message me today on here or LinkedIn.

Cindy Mi is a hero of mine and I look forward to working in education technology with all of you.

Let’s change the world together, one heart at a time.

Love and Light,
Teacher Nicole