Wellness Weekly!!

I’m one of those people who fills her plate with WAY too much and then tries to chew it all down anyway. Well, I’ve started something new…besides my full time job as a Personal Trainer/Wellness Warrior at Vida Fitness: A newsletter! If you sign up before Friday, you will receive Issue one of Wellness Weekly. I’m slowly figuring out a good format, text, images, type for the newsletter, so it will look a little varied each week. Who doesn’t like surprises and new things?

Join in on the fun, get some recipes, fit tips, and wellness ideas. Please feel free to give me all the feedback and opinions so I can make it the best newsletter in your inbox. Got an idea, question, or special workout you’d like to try? I’ll address it and put it in. Anything it is, don’t hesitate to ask!

If you look to your right, you will see a link to subscribe to my newsletter. Or just click here. Please have your friends join too! I want to help EVERYONE! =P

Best Health,


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