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The Lioness Hiding Inside

My life always felt like a movie.

Each near death experience, I rose again.

I said goodbye to my old self and was born again in 2021.

Finally, I had the courage to write and share my truth with you.

I write to inspire, educate, uplift, and show others they are not alone. This will be the first book of many!

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Coming Soon “Breaking Out of the SEX Industry for a Higher Purpose”

Available 2022

After six years of working in the digital sex industry, I’ve decided to write a book to help inspire women to their higher purpose. Our culture has made sex the spotlight of our day, the highlight of our Instagram feed, and the main reason for insecurities within relationships. It’s time someone says something.

The book includes a REAL 20-week study done on the psychological ramifications of using the female body for a living wage, an income. Examples of digitally selling the female body include selling the body on live webcam websites and shows, images on snapchat, patreon, live shows on Twitch, Reddit, Anonymous chatting applications like “Kick”, and other similar platforms. All of these actions contribute to the same long-term psychological ramifications on our mental health, body, and spirit. These actions affect the way we think about ourselves, our relationship to the world, and our relationships with others.

Nixie received a 105% grade on her final thesis at UC Irvine and has been waiting to reveal this amazing information with the world for 10 years. After finally quitting the industry herself, she is ready to tell it all.

The book will include the study, personal insight, personal stories, real interviews with women sex models, men who purchase the sex shows or images, and more!

Available on Kindle and Amazon 2022