HappyHüt Sanctüary

The HappyHüt Sanctüary

To improve the mental and physical health of highly sensitive people, save the souls of Mother Gaia, and spread joy and light worldwide with regenerative farming, hand-made homes, pure love and light, and nutritious plant-based food as medicine, including Cannabis.

The HappyHüt Sanctüary
will be a sanctuary of many small homes for those who want a full holistic lifestyle with hands-on daily work, a daily opportunity to worship, self-actualization coaching, art therapy modalities, and the ultimate uplifting and positive experience in life.

Garden of Eden awaits our healing hands.

If not US, WHO? If not now, WHEN?



HappyHüt Sanctüary
🙏🏽 Worship Center
🪴 Medicinal Food Garden, Including Cannabis
👶🏾 Saving and Gathering Children of GOD; Orphans, Single Parents, Homeless, Veterans, and the Extremely Poor
✨ Free Energy 🌞 ♾
🌊 Free Food and Water
👩🏻‍🏫Montessori-Based Education for Children and Illiterate

🙏🏽 We Shall Accomplish The Following List of Needs Before 12/31/2021:

  1. YOU
    1. Seeking 5-10 Individuals to Be the Core Earth Angels, First Residents, Nurses, Leaders, and Directors. I cannot do this alone!
  2. Land
    1. Northern California, Mountainside, Near Natural Water that allows the building of a permaculture community with Medicinal Herbs (Research in Progress!)
    2. Here are some EXAMPLES of plots of land, but due to political research, they may or may not be viable:
      1. $500,000 Semi-Developed Real Estate Plot in the Russian River boutique bohemian town of Duncans Mills https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/25467-Freezeout-Rd-Duncans-Mills-CA-95430/15820440_zpid/?
      2. $529,000https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/399-Spur-Close-Sea-Ranch-CA-95497/300265223_zpid/Near completely level Sea Ranch 3+ acre parcel. Panoramic ocean views from potential building site with excellent southern exposure. A rarity on The Sea Ranch. The pre-percolation soils evaluation has been completed.
      3. $97,750 Vacant Raw Land – To develop 2.58 acres, No testing has been done, sold AS IS https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/22115-Lee-Dr-Jenner-CA-95450/300263656_zpid/
      4. $2.5M This charming Inn directly on the Russian River has 11 guest rooms with the potential for 2 additional rooms. A full service restaurant and bar is included. There are 2 commercial kitchens. Many rooms have views of the river. An innkeepers apartment completes the offering. 3 parcels including parking lot. also MLS#22008214 https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/20822-River-Blvd-Monte-Rio-CA-95462/2110720932_zpid/
      5. $450K This majestic Rancho showcases a beautifully well-appointed 400 square foot tiny home and 196 sq ft artist studio with a wrap around deck. Both graciously perched optimizing vineyard views that steps down onto a secluded patio for entertainment, grilling and relaxation. A private Zen garden designed with natural elements of rocks, gravel and wood is featured around the artist studio.https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/21954-Yankee-Valley-Rd-Hidden-Valley-Lake-CA-95467/89141741_zpid/?
  3. Natural Utilities
    1. Solar Power System
    2. Clean Water System, Water Heaters
    3. Permaculture Garden System for Food Supply

Research Stage May 2021 – May 2022

Nixie D. will learn and research different techniques, build cabins and huts from recycled and up-cycled materials, build a medicinal garden for a mostly plant-based diet, start chickens and ducks for eggs.

If you have knowledge, shortcuts, or provisions to assist us, or if you would like to join us on the build, please email me to be added to a list!

PHASE 1 – Establish the Space – The Happy Hut RV and Land

Purchase A Private Landscape that will allow our large and loving project.

Obtain RV and begin living on the land, noting all aspects of the property and begin landscaping and planting medicinal garden.

Phase 2Build The SpaceThe Happy Huts

We will have a few families present, with multiple knowledges and physical strengths. We will use cement, hemp and hemp-cement, recycled materials, regenerative materials, natural materials, and recycled shipping containers to establish the buildings. We need YOU.

Phase 3 Adding Animals And Others – The Community

As the space is built, we will adopt chickens and ducks for fresh eggs, rescue dogs to be a part of the animal therapy, use cannabis as medicine and donate it locally to those who need it (Veterans, Children, Autism, Cancer, etc.) and we will obtain larger animals as we see fit for the farm work.

With donations and investments, we will improve the land and services to be the best first example of our Sanctuary of Love and Light, Our Gift to GOD.

Bonus Stage

Once we prove our model, we will expand it to 2, 3, 4, and then hopefully over 1000 Happy Hut Lifestyle Communities worldwide. These communities can be built in 3rd world countries to help lift up their boats, as a rising tide does.

Thank you, Lord, and GOD for sending me these beautiful visions of love and light. If you want to join in our purpose, email me today or join the discord.