HappyHüt Sanctüary – Are Ü Happy?

It’s A Known Worldwide Fact – Helping Others Is What Truly Fulfills Us

The HappyHüt Sanctüary

To improve the mental and physical health of highly sensitive people, orphans, and children through the Christian faith, love, purpose, nutrition, fitness, and community.

What is The Happy Hüt Sanctüary?
The Happy Hüt Sanctüary is an official Christian Organization founded in California May 9th, 2021. Nixie has been given a vision from GOD of a permaculture based sanctuary to assist highly sensitive people, to have a work-live experience within a community that promotes faith, self-love and love for others, achieving one’s soul purpose, consuming nutrient-dense food, and staying physically fit. The center will have housing for families and orphans, a worship center, an art and education center, a food garden to feed the community, animals and livestock, clean water, and sustainable energy sources.

Everyone deserves to have shelter, food, water, education, and be empowered to achieve their soul’s purpose.

We have a goal of creating Sustainable Small Communities Worldwide with different themes to fit your sensitivities.

If you are involved in a non-profit that wants to partner in our sustainability goals for humans, animals, and our planet, you may reach out by email.

International Work for Peace on Earth

Nixie has established relationships in Ghana and Uganda to provide food, shelter, clothes, shoes, education, and empowerment to extremely poor orphans and underprivileged children, all through the Christian Faith.

As a NonProfit, we use our current proceeds in the following ways:

  1. To go directly to orphans, extremely poor children and their families with the goal and education of empowerment, purchasing food, clothes, shoes, soaps, and other goods needed for daily living.
  2. To build schools, safe houses, and sanctuaries; having shelter and free education should be a worldwide right!
  3. We are currently raising money for a Safe House School located in Uganda with the Uplift Child Mentorship Organization, with Founder Kakeeto Hannington. You may contribute your gift of love to the Paypal or Gofundme links seen on this page, or buy a t-shirt here.
  4. With our virtual presence, there are no paid salaries, rent or overhead, so all donations are used to their full extent to help our cause!

Revenue Plan
We currently make our revenue through selling books, art, jewelry, stationary journals, devotionals, educational courses, educational events, speaking engagements and handmade accessories.




For all Speaking and Podcast Engagements Email

Nixie at NixieDee.com

If not US, WHO? If not now, WHEN?

Current Mission Work

Nixie Dee is collaborating with other like-minded nonprofits around the world that are accomplishing the same goals: Shelter, Feed, Educate, and Empower Those in Extreme Poverty. She and Kakeeto have a goal of building a Safe House School to help Ugandan Children out of Human and Sex Trafficking, HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and Drug Use.

The Future Is In Our Hands

Happy Hüt Sanctüary is an official nonprofit religious organization operating in California under Ordained Minister Nicole (Nixie) Davidsohn. The location of worship is currently online through various apps: Instagram and Zoom.

NonProfit 501c3 87-0831072

All Donations Tax-deductible
Automatically Federally Tax Exempt Due to Being A Religious Organization