HappyHüt Sanctüary

The HappyHüt Sanctüary

To improve the mental and physical health of highly sensitive people, orphans, and children through the Christian faith, love, purpose, nutrition, fitness, and community.

What is The Happy Hüt Sanctüary?
The Happy Hüt Sanctüary is an official Christian Organization in California, founded May 9th, 2021.

September 2021 – Our current missions include collaborating with other nonprofits and volunteers in Ghana and Uganda to provide food, shelter, clothes, shoes, education, and empowerment to orphans and underprivileged children.

Giving Back Daily
As a NonProfit, we will use proceeds to go directly to our orphans, single parents, homeless, and extremely poor children and families, to help them to become the highest version of themselves. Some of the funds will go towards other non-profits as well, including Uplift Child Mentorship in Uganda and Mumzy’s Children Relief Foundation.

Garden of Eden awaits our healing hands.

Location (To Be Funded)
The future location of the Church will be an off-grid sanctuary of many small homes supporting various families among gardens. The Sanctuary is built for those in need of a fully holistic lifestyle with hands-on work, a daily opportunity to worship, self-actualization coaching, art therapy modalities, and the ultimate uplifting and positive experiences.

Revenue Plan
We will make revenue through e-commerce solutions selling the art, food, and education we create on site.

If not US, WHO? If not now, WHEN?

Research Stage May 2021 – May 2022

Nixie D. will learn and research different techniques to make the Happy Hüt Sanctüary a safe and loving home for its inhabitants, as well as collaborate with other like-minded nonprofits around the world.

Your knowledge, shortcuts, and provisions to assist us, are appreciated!

PHASE 1 – Establish the Space – The Happy Hüt Landscape

Purchase or Receive as Tax-Deductible Donation: A Private Landscape and Home that will allow our large and loving project.

Begin living on the land, noting all aspects of the property and begin landscaping and planting medicinal food gardens.

Phase 2Build The SpaceThe Happy Huts

We will have a few families present, with multiple knowledges and physical strengths. We will use cement, hemp and hemp-cement, recycled materials, regenerative materials, natural materials, and recycled shipping containers to establish additional living structures, following the laws of the Building codes. Real Estate Investors, Builders, Electricians, Cement Guys, and Plumbers: We need YOU.

Phase 3 Adding Animals And Others – The Community

As the space is built, we will adopt chickens and ducks for fresh eggs, rescue dogs to be a part of the animal therapy, use cannabis as medicine and donate it locally to those who need it (Veterans, Children, Autism, Cancer, etc.) We will obtain larger animals as we see fit for the farm work.

With donations and investments, we will improve the land and services to be the best first example of our Sanctuary of Love and Light, Our Gift to GOD, and HIS gift to us.

Bonus Stage

Once we prove our model, we will expand it worldwide, focusing on the poorest countries.

Thank you, Lord, and GOD for sending me these beautiful visions of love and light. If you want to join in our purpose, click here for current links to join our congregation, The Happiness Force.

Happy Hüt Sanctüary is an official nonprofit church operating in California under Ordained Minister Nicole Davidsohn. The physical location of worship is currently online through various apps: Clubhouse, Twitch, Discord, & Instagram. Join us Friday’s at 1230pm PST on Clubhouse, The Happiness Force Club.

NonProfit 501c3 EIN – 87-0831072
Automatically Federally Tax Exempt Due to Being A Religious Organization