Nixie is one incredible human being, she has this huge heart that is unconditional, her love & her passion for helping people, goes far beyond than anyone I know, she is legit!  I am so glad I had met her on Twitch, since then it’s been a true blessing in my life & I thank the Lord Himself for bringing this incredible human with Angel Wings into my life & of course to everyone’s lives! I Love Nixie so much & I’m blessed to know her! I 100% recommend this incredible Human Being & Angel! – John Fancher 9/1/2021 

I came to Nixie for her expertise. My company does marketing for hemp companies, but beyond marketing, I did not know much about the hands on or behind-the-scenes of the industry. 

I was amazed by Nixie right away. She’s happy, she’s confident, she has a lot of skills, and she is an expert in the industry. To be able to tap into that was exciting. A part of me was afraid she would be too good to be true! I signed with her because I thought that if she could deliver what she is saying, then she’s a special person who will leave an impact on my life and legacy. I am happy to report, that she was not only too good to be true, she is even better than I could have imagined! Nixie is all the things I thought she was plus I have also learned she is even more caring and knowledgeable than I even knew!

Nixie is an incredibly kind soul, a loving soul, a special soul. She has taught me so much, and she has made so many things possible. 

Before coming to her, I didn’t even know how to plant the simplest of plants, but now she has me as a certified hemp’ grower in the state of New Jersey, one of the only 66 (and one of 12 that are active), and it’s thanks to her, and her teaching me and consulting with me that I am able to do that.

We also did an overall consulting and her positive energy and positive words were so inspirational and changed the way I think about a lot of things. Her happiness and positivity are contagious. 

I recommend Nixie to everyone, I recommend her to people looking for more positivity in their life, people looking to go further into the hemp industry, people to find their callings..

She is everything and more you could ever want in a consultant. I recommend her so much; she has become so much more than just a consultant…I view her as a great friend. She has gone above and beyond in everything she has done, and I am really grateful for her. – Morissa S, March 2021 

Nicole helped me change my perspective on life in amazing ways, never before have I felt that I can accomplish so many things in life and have felt confident enough to go through with those things, without Nicole it probably would have taken me years to be where I am now! – Saige S, 17 years old, January 2021 

Life-Coaching Client Testimonials 2011-2020

As much as I love VIDA on U Street, my trainer Nicole truly makes my experience there. She is tirelessly motivating (even when I fall off the wagon and make it difficult to schedule appointments), always pushes me to the next level and is incredibly patient. She has endless modifications to exercises to accommodate different body types and strengths. Nicole is one of the most devoted and interested (in you!) trainers I’ve ever had. She gives recommendations for work outs and cardio for the days you don’t see her and makes you accountable for your diet when she is not around to make sure you’re not cheating! I highly recommend her if you are trying to lose weight, get back into shape, or just want to find a new way to maintain your current physical status. – Sarah F. 

I began seeing Nicole D. for personal training in October and she is truly outstanding at what she does. She worked with me to understand my goals and what was blocking me from achieving them, and has helped me through the physical, mental, and emotional challenges along the way. She always provides tons of variety in my twice-weekly workouts with her, and motivates me without pushing me beyond the limits of my body. Because of her, I’ve been able to do things I never thought possible, and always look forward to my sessions with her.

If you’re looking for a gym with great amenities, tons of variety, and passionate trainers, Vida is the gym for you! – Amanda R.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few personal trainers at Vida U Street the past year and a half.  In May 2013 I began working with Nicole D.  Due to a heavy work travel schedule (in which I was out of town for most of May – August), I would see Nicole 1x/week.  During that time she gave me exercises I could do at the hotel gyms as well as dietary recommendations.   
After my project/travel was over I began working with Nicole 2-3x a week since August/September 2013 and it has been a great experience!  She has a positive attitude, provides workout variety (she tracks them as well), is knowledgeable, responsive to emails, and you can tell she really cares about her clients (def goes above and beyond!) 
In addition to the workout sessions (I am always left sweating but they seem to go by so quickly!),  she has given me nutritional advice based on a food journal assessment and also connects with her clients through social media – advice, articles, healthy recipes, motivational words.    

In addition to losing close to 20lbs in the first 3 months of training with Nicole, my endurance has increased and my overall fitness level has improved.  As a result, I’ve dropped 20 minutes + off my half marathon time and my 5K times are close to what they were 6-7 years ago!  I will continue to work with Nicole through 2014 (which includes my second marathon – her sessions are complementary to my marathon training) and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a personal trainer. – Jenn Y. 

I have been a member of this gym for several years and it really is great, especially the group classes. But I ESPECIALLY want to sing the praises of a personal trainer there, Nicole Davidsohn. For realz, try to request her specifically if you want some personal training sessions for Xmas, NYE resolutions, etc…I got assigned to Nicole earlier this year after a terrible experience with a different VIDA trainer (he no longer works there, I’m sure in part because of my experience with him). I was training so I could look good in my wedding dress in October (so cliche, I  know) and I worked with Nicole for ~5 months before my wedding and I still see her because she’s so great. She has the perfect balance between being your friend and chatting with you, but still focused to make sure you get a damn good work out and challenge yourself every time – she balances friendliness with efficiency like no one else. She’s also excellent at responding to questions, and her knowledge of the science and physiology behind exercise and nutrition is amazing – she’s never not had an immediate and intelligent and trustworthy response to any of my nerdy questions on either subject. And she certainly goes above and beyond, is super responsive to e-mails and texts, has an excellent blog, remembers home equipment you were interested in and sends you notices of when she finds things on sale, lets you borrow her exercise videos, etc…you can tell she’s incredibly devoted to and passionate about her work and pursues it as a craft. Anyway, I looked and felt great for my wedding – friends commented on how fit I was getting before – and am so psyched to continue working with her to stay strong and lean. – Coonoor B.

When I started working with ND I learned how to properly treat my body in all facets of life. Through her vast compendium of knowledge regarding technique, exercise routines, physical science, and most importantly, her love of nutrition, I turned my sad sack into a vault of happiness and acceptance. I can proudly say that, because of ND’s wealth of guidance, I eat the way a human being was intended to. No GMOs. No preservatives. No this. No that. Less oil, less fat. More vegetables. More greens! She keeps me on track and even assists on daily meal choices. I’ve learned more about health and nutrition with her in six months than I learned through years of higher education. Bottom line, ND changed my life for the better and for her unparalleled services I will be forever grateful. And, well, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve lost 35 pounds since the summer. I’ve never felt better and I couldn’t have done it without ND. – Andrew M.

Nixie is an amazing trainer. I entered into the weight loss challenge because I knew I had to make a change and wasn’t able to do it on my own. I have never been an athletic person and had no idea what my capabilities were and even less confidence in my abilities. Nixie wouldn’t let me give up on myself and helped me to see that I am capable of much more than I ever expected. I know that I am far better today than I was back in January before the challenge. Not only do I feel better and stronger physically but also mentally and emotionally. Nixie was instrumental in starting this journey and continues to motivate and push me to continue. I would recommend her without hesitation. – Michelle

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  1. Nixie is one incredible human being, she has this huge heart that is unconditional, her love & her passion for helping people, goes far beyond than anyone I know, she is legit! I am so glad I had met her on Twitch, since then it’s been a true blessing in my life & I thank the Lord Himself for bringing this incredible human with Angel Wings into my life & of course to everyone’s lives! Love Nixie so much & I’m blessed to know her! I 100% recommend this incredible Human Being & Angel!

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