Nixie Davidsohn

aka Nicole Davidsohn

Healthiness is Happiness

Nixie Davidsohn teaches a way to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, simple, and practical.  

It is almost year 2020, and I believe it’s time for people to start recognizing their own unique abilities to heal and transform themselves.

You don’t need a pharmaceutical grab bag, surgery, or a magic pill. You have all of the power to change your life in your mind and I’m here to show you how.

Most online trainers and coaches are not certified or experienced! They are giving you one-size-fits all workouts, and expecting you to change your habits all alone, by working out and eating healthier.

Nicole knows the desire to exercise and eat healthier is much deeper than vanity; it’s the psychology of self-love.

When we learn to love ourselves more, we naturally desire a better body, a healthier body, and happier life. Nicole offers free training live daily at 10am PST on Twitch and focuses her time on creating a community of people aiming to progress, grow, and learn.

Nicole was once diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Ulcerative Colitis and has been managing it with integrative medicine since age 24. She’s currently only using holistic methods and her own Self-Love programming.

She has healed her brain from a traumatic brain injury, and helped her dog’s cancer into a 33 month remission, so she could pass away at the proper age of 15.

Nicole knows how to transform the mind in order to change the body and life, because well, she has been through the fire.

I walk through the fire everyday managing an autoimmune disease in a pandemic-era world. I have found a place at home, safely online, to spread love, joy, courage, faith, passion, as well as fitness and nutrition advice. Finally, I have found my place, because the world has changed to my favor. I have always stayed home on my computer, but was put down for my social networking and live streaming. Now it is how you can make a large positive impact. Thank you, GOD for this gift. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Only we can heal ourselves and we each need to take different paths to do that. I am here to help YOU through yours. Lots of love and light to you!


Mary taught me how to live LIFE IN JOY , even
through emotional and physical pain.
Nov 2004 – May 2019

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