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Eva’s Story

In 2015 Eva was founded out of a passion to raise the bar of the cannabis industry.  While working for a microbiology lab in Maryland, Dane visited California with Nicole and quickly saw room for improvement in the cannabis industry.  Months later they attended Oaksterdam University to get a more formal education before taking the plunge and moving to Santa Rosa, California to begin their journey to help others as well as themselves.  At the time of the move both Dane and Nicole were dealing with Post Concussion Syndrome from concussions suffered in 2014 and Nicole was attempting to manage Ulcerative Colitis.  

Upon arriving we started the first 100% comprehensively lab tested dispensary in California.  

Our first project was raw cannabis juice. Soon we discovered a way to preserve the raw plant in its raw form indefinitely for approximately 20 years while retaining 99% of all vitamins, minerals, cannabinoids, terpenes, and more.  After preserving, the raw cannabis would turn to powder that we could dose into capsules for future use with a much longer shelf life.

This was an idea that we were only playing around with until we were rocked with that big “scary terminal diagnosis” for our dog, Mary.  The vet told us she would survive another 3 months and strongly urged us to immediately begin chemotherapy treatment.  We decided not to do chemo and instead we began giving Mary the left over pulp from making raw cannabis juice, and she loved it. It gave her energy and recharged her cells. Mary also had arthritis, so we included turmeric and ginger with the cannabis mix and “Better Pet Relief+” was born.

Many stressful days turned into a few months and ultimately a follow-up vet visit confirmed the “scary diagnosis” had gone into remission.  She was diagnosed in October 2016, wrote off for dead by December 2016, then free and clear by July 2017. She lived until the old age of 15 years old, chasing geese only 3 days before passing.  She was such a sweet, loving,  playful and happy pup full of life all thanks to the incredible powers of the cannabis sativa plant (cannabis/hemp,) organic whole foods, and lots of love.

After Mary’s incredible turn of events we expanded our efforts to a full lineup to help as many people as we could. As a response to the current state of cannabis legality, we developed our current legal industrial hemp versions of all our formulas, so a greater number of people could enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids.

Our passion is to improve the lives of as many people as we can, one better day at at time. 

Evolution Via Awareness is now known as “Danes” and can be found here–> https://heydanes.com/