Happy Hut Life

The Happy Hut’s Mission is to help improve the mental and physical health of highly sensitive people.

The Happy Hut Life will be a bed and breakfast vacation cabin for those who want a full holistic retreat with hands-on self-love coaching, business coaching, and the ultimate uplifting and positive experience!

Services at the Happy Hut will include, but not be limited to:

πŸ’œ Nixie’s self-love coaching program of choice

πŸ’œPersonal training

πŸ’œ Yoga and Assisted Stretching

πŸ’œ Reiki

πŸ’œ Nutritional counseling

πŸ’œ Food preparation

πŸ’œ Massage

The Perfect Location is being researched now.


The Happy Hut will be fully equipped for those with disabilities, and a vacation will be awarded to our friends at BxBuddies.org once per year to a deserving family.

PHASE 1 – The Happy Hut Suite

Move from Southern CA–>??? into a fully, furnished Air BnB
Seek out longer term rental for 12-18 months with an additional Suite
Begin renting out additional Bed+Bath as The Happy Hut Suite

Phase 2The Happy Land

While renting an apartment, I will work with a bilingual real estate agent to find a piece of land for our Happy Hut, Happy House, and Happy Farm. We will use cement and shipping containers to build the home, as we are renting out the apartment. Once finished, we will move on in!

Final Stage – Open Happy Hut Life

We will begin working on the land to make a farm, get some chickens for fresh eggs, and grow our own herbal medicine garden. We will open the Happy Hut to be open for all services! With the profits, we will improve the land and services, as well as give back to the Island of Puerto Rico.

Bonus Stage

We will build additional Happy Huts after the success of the first one and have multiple cabins to spread love, joy, and success to all those who work so hard for a happy life and world. If possible, we will offer long term housing to those in need, such as LGBTQ children/teens that have been kicked out, or those recovering from addiction. The Happy Hut’s Mission is to help improve the mental health of highly sensitive people.