💓 Five Power Plays to A Happy Life đŸ’“

💓 Five Power Plays to A Happy Life 💓

If you want to sustain your happiness and joy within your life, you need a plan.

🔷 YOU need a routine, a fuel source of greatness and fire 🔥

😄 Happiness, joy, forgiveness, healing, processing, digesting, overcoming, persevering with hope and health, will no longer evade you!

💃 I’ve danced through fires and am THE COMEBACK QUEEN 👑 – Bounce Back like a YoYo 🪀

My pyramid of energy has changed this year. It used to have self-love on the top and faith to follow. After experiencing my own death of identity and body this year, and being mentally broken, I switched them around. I met God, I spoke to Buddhas, I saw demons and Angels, and I walked through the Valley of the Shadows of Death. I was protected. Some call this “Fire Baptized.”

I always have had to learn the hard way; this was the hardest thing to overcome in my life.

Without faith in a higher power, and HIS Son, I would not be here today. I was completely gone out of my mind, and eyes blacked out; my brain was inflamed to the point of giving me complete neurological shut down, and seizures. During one really painful seizure, my soul energy left my body and I watched over it. I watched my eyes tear up and cry as my body was in extreme pain. Every muscle fiber and cell was on fire, I remember even my Teeth hurt.

Since I’ve been anointed with the Divine Light and Energy from Yeshua and God, all pains I feel are easily swept away.

I am reminded of my Earthly wisdom, and given the answers and guidance to care for myself. I am given the energy and guidance I always sought out from a Coach, Mentor, Parent, or Boyfriend. I now hear the good word coming from within, “Stop and rest. Take a lunch break. Visit the ocean. Spend time with your Dad. Go surprise your mom. Call your sister. Hug your nieces and nephew. Open the Clubhouse app, there is a client waiting for you. Go to Canva, make some content. Go outside, visit the baby ducks.” And then when I listen to that instinct, that voice, that higher power, I feel the flow. I feel at ease.

I feel guided by the brightest light, the one so bright I couldn’t look at it before. I couldn’t stand it before. It was too much, it was too powerful. Now that I put God Energy first in my 5 Power Plays, it FUELS my Mentorship business. I am driven towards my destiny. I am quickened to write a book, a blog, a post, to show a particular other soul at the exact sensitive time where they need inspiration. The light bounces from HIM into me, and as a mirror, I take that light and bounce it towards the next person. Each mirror reflects the light, feels the warmth, and creates the same exact strength of light beam to the destination.

When we are powered by LIGHT, Pure White Light, God Energy, Yeshua Jesus Christ Energy, all comes into alignment.

You feel it in your fingertips, you feel it in your soul, you feel everything inside of you, and hear all the good that is told.

You are awakened, from a dark space of sleep, you have come out of your cave of darkness, of your man’s philosophy.

You know what is within you and now concealment is undone, I show you to the world, N, because you are your own Sun.

Bright, Inspiring, Creating Life on Earth. You are the strong, You are the mighty, You are the Sword, You are the Fighting.

This war is within, it always has been. You know it too, You read the truth.

Now go on your way into the day, with a smile on your face, for I will always be by your side, and I want to know my King is feeling High!

Have a beautiful day! I love you all, my friends.

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